Real, Steady Recovery of Guest Review Data as Chinese Cities Move Out of Lockdown on the Travel Health Index

Hotel guests are making their voices heard again in China and at TrustYou we are all ears. As the world’s largest guest review database, we have been following a hopeful trend in Chinese cities. The subtle first signs of recovery have continued to show a steady climb on the Travel Health Index (THI) over the last week. 

In the graph below we have selected a number of ad-hoc Chinese cities in order to show the general incline in review data on the THI, which benchmarks the current state of guest review data against that of 2019.  Not only are several cities no longer in Lockdown, they are even moving out of Severe and into Impaired status on the THI.

This is a significant change, which is made even more tangible when we compare the data for China with that of Germany, and New Zealand, which are both currently still in Lockdown status on the THI key. Germany descended into Lockdown before New Zealand, which shows a delayed decline. In the graph below one can clearly see the upwards trend of the Chinese cities in green, as opposed to the complete Lockdown status in red and yellow.

Same as these countries follow China into Lockdown, surely the world will soon be following China into recovery. Now the big question is, which country will be the first to follow and show signs of steady recovery in hotel guest reviews? 

Keep an eye on the Travel Health Index for weekly changes and follow the TrustYou blog to witness the recovery of the hospitality industry by looking at guest review data as a sign of new life within the current landscape.