A Hotelier’s Guide to Gaining More Reviews

More Reviews = More Revenue

We’ve been talking about the importance of reviews for years. With more than 80% of travelers reading reviews prior to making a booking decision, hotels must pay attention to guest opinions to stay ahead of the game. It’s not optional. It’s of upmost importance.

Quite simply put, more reviews equates to more revenue. It turns out, the quantity of reviews a hotel receives has a very big impact on a hotel’s revenue. More reviews give hotels better overall review scores, higher room rates and more visibility for future guests. Encouraging more reviews is crucial for hotels to grow its business. That’s why we have created a guide to help hoteliers gain more reviews and more feedback.

Learn more about the following in our latest download:

The numbers behind how having more reviews impact your bottom line.

Did you know that an extra 30 reviews drive a hotel’s overall review scores up to 5% higher? And that each percent increase in score is worth $12 per room per night? We’ve pulled the statistics behind how more reviews bring you more revenue.

Forget reactive. Be proactive to gain more reviews.

Before a traveler makes a booking decision: What you do (or don’t do) during a traveler’s research phase sets the tone. Are you taking the necessary actions to encourage feedback, even before they book?

During the stay: Know the right time and ways to ask a guest for a review while he/she is still in your hotel.

After your guest leaves: This is when most reviews are written. Is your property taking the right steps to encourage feedback, even after the guest has returned home? Learn tips to best follow-up.

Defining business objectives to strategically distribute reviews.

What matters most to your business goals? Growing in your current market? Expanding to a new one? Growing booking within your own website? Learn how to distribute reviews across multiple platforms to match your business objectives. First piece of advice: do not overlook your own site as a platform for housing reviews.

Hotels that are rocking reputation management.

We’ve identified hotels that are going above and beyond to gain more reviews. See what they are up to and read their success stories.

Plus more quick tips!  Download the step-by-step guide to start collecting more reviews now.

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