3 Ways to Use Hotel Text Messaging to Increase Revenue

Often times, hoteliers, and particularly revenue managers, have to choose between strategies that enhance guest satisfaction versus those that increase revenues. You could offer unlimited, free wi-fi to guests in order to boost satisfaction, or you could charge a few dollars to make a profit from these services.

Personally, I am of the mindset that guest satisfaction does, in fact, have an impact on boosted revenues. Research shows that 76% of travelers are willing to pay more for a hotel with a higher rating. However, finding the direct connection of ratings to revenue is difficult (but not impossible). Therefore, there is a need for a product that does a bit of both; exceed guest expectations, and build revenue at the same time.

That’s where hotel text messaging provides a solution. Nearly 80% of consumers prefer to communicate with business via text, and 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. Hotels can use text messaging as a communication channel in order to increase guest satisfaction, promote guest services, and as a result, boost revenue.

Here are a few examples of how hotel text messaging can directly impact hotel revenue [free text message templates included!]:

1. Hotel Text Messaging to Offer an Upgrade

Who doesn’t like an upgrade? Especially if it’s at a discount. When you’re trying to fill upgraded rooms during a slow period, send a quick text message offering a small discount on an available room upgrade. To help with conversion, be sure to target the message to the right guests. With an integration to your PMS system, you can automatically find all guests who have booked a standard room. This ensures that no incentives are sent to guests who already paid in full for their upgraded room.

“Upgrades are available for you, [Guest Name]! For a limited time, upgrade to an ocean-view room an additional $30/night. Let us know if you’re interested!"

2. Hotel Text Messaging to Promote Onsite Services

If a hotel has an onsite spa, but the guests don’t know about it, does it really exist? You may be surprised to find out how many of your hotel guests don’t know about the onsite services you have available. Make sure these offerings get noticed by using text messaging as a marketing channel. It’s important to note that the most effective text messages are authentic. Therefore, be careful not to get too sales-y in your messaging. Instead, combine your regular check-ins with a promotional message.

“Hi, [Guest Name]! We hope you’re enjoying your stay so far. If you’re in need of a bit of relaxation, our spa is currently offering a 20-minutes massage for $20. Text us for the details.”

3. Hotel Text Messaging to Request Feedback

OK, this one is a bit more obscure, but as I stated before, I am a firm believer that more guest feedback = better online ratings = increased revenues. If your hotel has a post-stay survey already in place, text messaging is a great channel to request for this feedback. Each day, trigger an automated message to guests who are checking out. Include a link to your hotel feedback survey and start seeing the uptick in responses. And because solicited reviews have been proven to result in 8% higher scores, you should see a positive impact on your overall online hotel rating, too.

“Thank you for staying with us, [Guest Name]. Please let us know how we did and what we could do to improve your next stay here: [Link to Survey]. Thank you and travel safe!”

By communicating with guests using the channel they prefer, your hotel can benefit in two significant ways. First, the ability to text with your hotel will offer a level of convenience that will exceed guest expectations. Additionally, adding text messaging to your hotel’s communication strategy offers a new channel to increase ancillary revenues. That’s what I like to call a “win-win”.

Find out how TrustYou Messaging helps hotels implement a real-time communication solution to creative positive guest experiences, simplify hotel processes, and increase revenue.

Valerie Carboni

Valerie leads our fearless team of content writers, field marketing experts, and hospitality-focused marketers here at TrustYou. Her adventure has taken her from her hometown of Arlington, VA, all the way out to San Diego, CA, where the nice weather has reinvigorated her creative spirit.

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