2017 Will Be The Year of the Hotel Guest

Hotels will use personalization, engagement, and feedback to enhance the hotel guest experience in 2017


Each year, we at TrustYou get out our Magic 8 Balls and fortune teller caps to see if we can predict the future of the hospitality industry. This year, we see a bright future for hotels and their guests. This prediction unveiled itself without any sort of magic, but rather by consulting with many of the major news publications, plus industry experts and sources. Read ahead to find out what key hospitality trends we expect for 2017.


Personalization Capabilities Improve


From booking details to traveler reviews, guests leave us little pieces of information about themselves throughout their journey. These data points make personalization possible, allowing hotels to build a customized experience for each of their guests. However, often times data points from the multiple stages of the guest journey are separately housed in different systems.


In 2017, hospitality software companies will band together to combine data points from multiple systems. This will allow hotels to benefit from the most intelligent guest data, all in one place. When levels of guest satisfaction pairs with loyalty status and contact details, hotels can build target communication plans to create a positive connection between hotel and guest.


Guest Engagement Peaks


New hotel technologies introduced in 2016 opened our eyes to the possibilities of guest engagement. In 2017, hotels can expect even more guest engagement technology in order to cater to tech savvy customers. This includes mobile technologies that keep hotel amenities as accessible and easy-to-use as possible.


From keyless room entry to remote room capabilities, the “smart” hotel of the future is within reach. Startup technologies are eager to capitalize on mobile technologies, and find new hotel customers to pilot their products. While “new” can sometimes be scary, hotels can rest assured that these vendors will likely take a hands-on approach in order to ensure hotel clients are successful. And the results for hotels can be well worth the effort.


Feedback Remains Relevant


In 2017, soliciting guest feedback isn’t considered a new trend, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant. After gathering feedback from guests over the past few years, hotels are just beginning to discover the impact of creating the perfect hotel in the eyes of their customers. Based on customer recommendations, many hotel brands are creating and implementing on-site experiences they know future guests will love. For example, Hyatt Hotels, in an effort to create a hotel more pleasing to the business traveler, is rolling out new programs to keep guests fit, healthy, and happy.


To further bring value to feedback, hotels should ensure that the positive impacts of these on-site experiences are promoted to their target market. Hotels will look to have their guests promote these activities via social sharing and guest feedback surveys. This year, make sure that your hotel is taking advantage of these marketing methods. With TrustYou, hotels can monitor social engagement, promote their best content, and encourage guests to share their reviews on Google and other widely used booking channels.




From year to year, some trends emerge, others remain the same, and a special few gain popularity. 2017 is no different. Hotels can expect a little more of the same (feedback), a rise in popularity (engagement), and brand new capabilities (personalization). We look forward to continue to help our hotel partners and customers to take advantage of these trends. From us at TrustYou, we wish you a successful and happy new year!