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Tracking Key Review Categories in the Post-COVID Hospitality Scene

by July 24, 2020 2:15 pm ,

While hotels around the world are preparing for recovery and reopening, one thing is more and more clear: travel and hospitality are now significantly different than even just a few months ago. Hoteliers are opening their doors to a new “generation” of travelers, with different needs, expectations, and more importantly - concerns around public health and cleanliness standards. When booking a hotel or any other type of accommodation, guests will likely push aside factors like price or brand loyalty to make room for new key priorities: health, hygiene, cleanliness. The post-COVID19 traveler packs a lot of questions and concerns in… read more »

How to Use Reputation Management to Influence Hotel CapEx

by October 26, 2016 10:41 pm

Introduction to Hotel CapEx   Hotels have a lot of options when it comes to allocating capital expenditure, or CapEx, budgets each year. Without proper data and research, it’s nearly impossible to choose the most impactful improvements that will maximize return on investment. Hotels that take the time to analyze their existing data, i.e. guest reviews, have the the opportunity to choose the best projects. Here’s how you can use reputation management to allocate your hotel’s CapEx.   What is a capital expenditure?   A capital expenditure is either a newly purchased asset or an investment in a current capital… read more »