Discover the Best of the UK & Ireland: Top Hotels and Destination Insights

Discover best practices and exclusive insights from UK & Ireland’s Top Hotels and Destinations. Best 10 Hotels in London I Dublin I Edinburgh

In today’s fast-paced world, travelers constantly seek new and exciting destinations to explore. The United Kingdom and Ireland have long been popular choices for travelers, offering a rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultural experiences. In this article, we will share exclusive insights on how these destinations ensure the best possible experience for their travelers. But that’s not all. We are excited to announce that, over the next few weeks, we will share the best places to stay across three destinations: London, Dublin, and Edinburgh.

“Creating unforgettable memories starts with exceptional hospitality. These top-rated hotels go beyond expectations, understanding their guests’ desires and using cutting-edge technology to prioritise the guest experience. The data speaks for itself, and we congratulate these hotels for their dedication to hand-crafting extraordinary stays that leave a lasting impression on their guests”.

Jonty Hapeta, Business Development Manager – EMEA & Americas, TrustYou 

Jonty Hapeta, Business Development Manager Emea & Americas, Trustyou 

Whether you are a traveler or working in the travel industry, having the right data and information is crucial to make the best decision. But often, getting the insights you need might become a long, tedious research process. 

At TrustYou, we understand the challenge, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to curating the most comprehensive database of accommodation reviews available. With over 1.2 million properties within our proprietary algorithm and an impressive daily analysis of 7 million guest sentiments, our data-driven approach empowers us to provide you with the best insights for your destination, hotel or restaurant. 

Sirma Ivanova Business Development Manager Key Account Manager Data Partnerships Trustyou

 “How can we assess the quality of a destination? How do we gain deeper and better insights into visitors’ preferences, both met and unmet expectations? TrustYou data unveils the very essence and core aspects of a destination, revolutionizing how DMOs monitor guest satisfaction within the hospitality industry in the region.”

Sirma Ivanova, Business Development Manager & Key Account Manager Data Partnerships, TrustYou

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the remarkable world of travel and accommodations, providing you with invaluable insights to enhance your journeys across these captivating destinations.

Focus on Edinburgh: Exclusive Destination Insights & Top Hotels

In the past 12 months, Edinburgh has achieved success in terms of overall traveler satisfaction, surpassing other prominent island destinations by nearly 10%. A comprehensive analysis of 307,144 reviews by TrustYou data highlights the city’s overall rating, a testament to its timeless charm and gracious hospitality.

While renowned for its captivating medieval castles, cobblestone streets, and rich heritage, Edinburgh has also captivated visitors with its coastal delights. An impressive 96% of opinions about the beach were positive, underscoring the joy travelers experienced in uncovering the city’s coastal treasures. 

Edinburgh has emerged as a dynamic focal point for excursions and trips, with a striking 92% of mentions about these experiences resonating with overwhelming positivity. Whether it’s guided tours through historic avenues or breathtaking escapades to the surrounding countryside, travelers have been enraptured by the excursions offered.

Remarkable scores were garnered for Service Friendliness and Recreation Staff, further enhancing the positive narrative. The warmth and affability displayed by hotel personnel, along with the dedicated recreation teams, contributed substantially to the overall positive encounter.

Edinburgh’s steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding encounters and a diverse spectrum of offerings solidify its standing as a premier choice for travelers in pursuit of history, culture, and picturesque landscapes.

Edinburghs Best Top 10 Hotels Exclusive Destination Data
In the last year, Edinburgh saw an impressive increase in positive mentions for sporting activities. Beach & Service Friendliness are also highly appreciated by travelers.

Top 10 Edinburgh Hotels

Nestled amid the enchanting landscapes of Scotland’s historic capital, these extraordinary hotels have undoubtedly earned their esteemed places on our Top 10 list. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in the continuous stream of accolades and glowing reviews received over the past 12 months. Step into a realm of unparalleled luxury and hospitality as we unveil the finest establishments that promise to make your visit to Edinburgh an unforgettable journey of opulence and indulgence.

Top 10 Hotels in Edinburgh*

#1 Fingal – A Luxury Floating Hotel   97.67 / 100 (215 travelers have spoken)

#2 Prestonfield House   95.57 / 100 (264 travelers have spoken)

#3 24 Royal Terrace    94.63 / 100 (387 travelers have spoken)

#4 Cheval Old Town Chambers   94.20 / 100 (1365 travelers have spoken)

#5 Hotel Ceilidh-Donia   94.11 / 100 (841 travelers have spoken)

#6 The Balmoral   93.68 / 100 (1181 travelers have spoken)

#7 The Lane Hotel   91.86 / 100 (571 travelers have spoken)

#8 Hapimag Resort Edinburgh   91.58 / 100 (520 travelers have spoken)

#9 Market Street Hotel    90.98 / 100 (1267 travelers have spoken)

#10 The Rutland Hotel    90.67 / 100 (939 travelers have spoken)

Inclusion Criteria: Hotels with more than 200 reviews within a year specify month)in the previous 12 months. Based on Performance Score over the previous 12 months, from 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2023.

Top Edinburgh 10 Hotels
Caption: Top 10 Hotels in Edinburgh, source: @fingaledinburgh, @prestonfieldhouseedinburgh, @24royalterrace, @chevalcollection, @hotelceilidhdonia, @thebalmoral, @lanehotel,, @
Market_street_hotel, @therutlandhotel

Focus on Dublin: Exclusive Destination Insights & Top Hotels

TrustYou’s thorough analysis has revealed fascinating insights into the city’s thriving hospitality scene. Notably, eco-friendly hotels have experienced a significant 30% rise in sentiment score, showcasing Dublin’s dedication to sustainable practices. The city’s warm and welcoming atmosphere continues to captivate visitors, maintaining its higher ranking. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability has led to a commendable 14% increase in the sustainability score, promoting responsible tourism. Guests have expressed immense delight with wellness experiences, with an impressive 78% of mentions being positive, particularly praising the rejuvenating Sauna Experience with a 33% rise in sentiment score. Furthermore, the implementation of contactless technology has been well-received, earning praise for its convenience and safety. Additionally, breakfast variety satisfaction has also increased by 14% in the last year, further enhancing the overall guest experience. Dublin’s unwavering dedication to elevating guest satisfaction has firmly established it as a prime destination for travelers seeking a memorable and fulfilling stay in the heart of Ireland.

Dublins Best Top 10 Hotels And Exclusive Destination Data
In the past year, Dublin, Ireland, has seen an increase in overall guest satisfaction, with reviews surging by almost 20%, totaling an impressive 343,927 reviews.

Top 10 Dublin Hotels

Nestled within the vibrant charm of Dublin, these Top 10 Hotels stand as a testament to the city’s genuine Irish hospitality. Earning consistent praise from delighted visitors over the past year, these hotels promise an enchanting sanctuary for travelers in pursuit of unforgettable experiences in the heart of Ireland’s beloved capital. Discover the finest lodgings that have left a lasting impression on guests and embark on a journey of cherished memories that will endure for a lifetime.

Top 10 Hotels in Dublin*

#1 The Grafton    95.95 / 100 (582 travelers have spoken)

#2 The Merrion Hotel    94.78 / 100 (754 travelers have spoken)

#3 Stauntons on the Green    92.21 / 100 (992 travelers have spoken)

#4 Zanzibar Locke   92.20 / 100 (1820 travelers have spoken)

#5 Aberdeen Lodge   90.97 / 100 (372 travelers have spoken)

#6 Mespil Hotel   90.87 / 100 (2158 travelers have spoken)

#7 Clontarf Castle Hotel    90.84 / 100 (2282 travelers have spoken)

#8 The Mont   90.72 / 100 (1614 travelers have spoken)

#9 Drury Court Hotel    90.34 / 100 (1719 travelers have spoken)

#10 Hyatt Centric The Liberties Dublin    90.16 / 100 (2103 travelers have spoken)

Inclusion Criteria: Hotels with more than 300 reviews within a year specify month)in the previous 12 months. Based on the Performance Score over the previous 12 months, from 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2023.

Top 10 Dublin Hotels
Top 10 Hotels in Dublin, source: @thegraftonhoteldublin2, @merrionhotel, @stauntonsonthegreen, @lockehotels, @aberdeenlodgedublin, @mespilhoteldublin, @clontarfcastle, @themont_dublin, @drury.court.hotel,

Focus on London: 4 Exclusive Destination Insights & Top Hotels

London’s hospitality industry shows promising signs of recovery as guest feedback reveals an increased review volume, improved service sentiment, and enhanced dining experiences. Notably, the city has seen a significant rise in sustainability mentions, reflecting a growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices among accommodations. Join us as we explore the top 10 hotels in London, showcasing the city’s dedication to exceptional visitor experiences.

Londons Best Top 10 Hotels Exclusive Destination Data
London registered a notable increase in review volume, reaching 82% of the pre-pandemic level. Travelers appreciated Food & Service and mentioned more sustainability in their feedback.

Top 10 London Hotels

These distinguished London hotels have been meticulously chosen for their consistent exceptional ratings and glowing reviews over the past 12 months, solidifying their status as the ultimate choices for travelers seeking extraordinary experiences in the city.

Top 10 Hotels in London*

#1 Hotel 41  96.80 / 100 (635 travelers have spoken)

#2 Claridge’s 96.09 / 100 (901 travelers have spoken)

#3 One Aldwych 95.29 / 100 (552 travelers have spoken)

#4 The Milestone Hotel & Residences 94.72 / 100 (587 travelers have spoken)

#5 The Egerton House Hotel 94.41 / 100 (546 travelers have spoken)

#6 Hotel Café Royal 94.24 / 100 (531 travelers have spoken)

#7 Pan Pacific London 94.23 / 100 (3814 travelers have spoken)

#8 The Resident Covent Garden  94.10 / 100 (1132 travelers have spoken)

#9 Vintry & Mercer   94.01 / 100 (1645 travelers have spoken)

#10 Shangri-La The Shard, London  93.96 / 100 (2822 travelers have spoken)

*Inclusion Criteria: Hotels with more than 500 reviews within a year in the previous 12 months. Based on Performance Score over the previous 12 months, from 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2023.

Top 10 Hotels London
Top 10 Hotels in London, 2022-2023, sources: @41hotel, @claridgeshotel, @onealdwychhotel, @milestone_hotel, @egerton_house, @panpacificlondon, @hotelcaferoyal,, @shangrilahotels, @vintryandmercer

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