The Path of One Survey Review: An Infographic for Hoteliers

There is no single way travelers review their experience at a hotel online. Travelers may be loyal TripAdvisor enthusiasts, post their thoughts on social media, write an email directly to the hotel, or reach out in countless other ways. This leads to a complex environment for hoteliers to monitor where people are talking about their hotel and how these opinions impact potential new guests.

The best course of action is for hoteliers to take matters into their own hands and actively encourage guests to write a review about the hotel. This is the first step to unify both where reviews are coming from and where they are being distributed, in order to put some control back into the  hands of the people who can make a difference.

The simplest way to gain, analyze, and strategically distribute feedback is to create a survey with a tool like TrustYou Stars. Feedback from these surveys allows hoteliers to understand what guests value most in their hotels (think: how clean the room was, how the food tasted, if the amenities matched expectations, etc.).
Next, connect information about your guest, such as: name, email, date-of-arrival, and date-of-departure in order to request feedback from the guests who are actually staying in your hotel. Depending on various desired results, this can be done at different stages from while a guest is at your property to when they have returned home.

The following path shows a linear path for how each survey response with TrustYou Stars affects your overall reputation around the web. Try TrustYou Stars for free!


Stars Infographic (2)


1. Send and collect surveys using TrustYou Stars

2. Results are sent to TrustYou and displayed within TrustYou Analytics and on public Meta-Reviews™, which are incorporated onto hundreds of travel websites worldwide

3. Watch as your verified reviews influence overall scores and maintain overall reputation with TrustYou Analytics and Radar

4. Impact occurs on an exponential path due to the hundreds of travel sites and intermediaries already utilizing TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews

This is by far the most direct and influential way to transform positive guest feedback into content to market your hotel in the increasingly complex online environment. Knowing that TrustYou Stars survey results are about 8% higher than the hotel’s overall rating, the power to increase your overall score lies in a hoteliers willingness to take advantage of collecting guest feedback.


Since TrustYou Stars allows hotels to influence their review count by collecting more reviews on Google, hotels could expect this factored into the local search ranking. We have released a couple of interesting case studies around this topic here and here.  

Truly desiring that our partners succeed in ways even beyond reputation, we have also launched All Things Google: A Guide For Hotels, a free eBook dedicated to helping hotels understand the why and how of increasing Google visibility – from hotel ads to the new mobile interface.