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The last few years have been very busy at TrustYou. After founding the company in 2008, we have been delighted and flattered by the recognition that the community has given us for our hard work and breakthrough technology. Some particularly proud moments that stand out to me are the VIR award for best travel startup in Germany a mere six months after the company launched, signing the deal with Mövenpick in 2009, our recognition and grants from the German government in 2009, winning the innovation award as the only non-US company at PhocusWright in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2010, winning the global Accor bid in January. A huge milestone for our company was the successful acquisition of ReviewAnalyst out of Dallas – the leader for online reputation management in the US. Together we now have expanded our global offices with employees in more than 10 different countries. I am especially proud of the people who joined us along this road – the TrustYou team consists of 59 people and together we speak more than 24 languages!

We are not finished yet though! We continue to grow and improve, and we see big things in the future for TrustYou. As technology advances, it has become imperative for hotels to listen to and encourage guest feedback in the social space, make sense of what they are saying, and understand ways to improve/react based on this knowledge. Our technology allows companies to do this in a simple, organized manner. Simplifying and understanding big data is a hot topic right now, and it is said to be the big thing for 2012. We agree and are thrilled to be on the forefront of it. It is a very exciting time at TrustYou.

As TrustYou grows and evolves, we have decided that it is time for a bit of a facelift, starting with the updated look of the website. We hope you are as pleased with the new design as we are! Also, as we develop TrustYou’s tools for reputation management, we have been constantly analyzing an abundance of big data. We want to share some of these findings with you. Visit our updated blog to read interesting insights from our data, news about projects in the works at TrustYou, and updates about industry news and events.
On behalf of the team here at TrustYou, we hope you find these insights useful and the blog enjoyable to read. If you have any feedback, feel free to get in contact by leaving a comment below.


Benjamin Jost

Benjamin Jost is TrustYou's Co-Founder and CEO. Under Benjamin’s management and due to his extensive experience in the business and travel sectors, TrustYou has grown into a global company with more than 180 employees in offices all across the globe. He is constantly focusing his efforts and vision into catering to both businesses and consumers and believes that feedback stands at the very core of any successful interaction.

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