TrustYou Clients Voted on Their 3 Favorite New Features of 2016

When looking at the TrustYou 2016 Year in Review in more detail, we mentioned that we had a busy year with 11 product updates resulting in 40 new features to make our platform the best in the business! We’ve been busy, but this is just the tip of the iceberg! Our teams are working hard all year long to provide the best possible user experience and to offer the most useful features in the industry.

We also want to understand how our clients are using our platform, so we can address their needs in future developments. At the end of each year, we survey our client’s level of  satisfaction and ask them to help us improve our products for the upcoming year.

We are proud to announce that this year, satisfaction levels are skyrocketing! Our clients are happier than ever, giving us an overall score close to perfection! We will continue to work hard this year to keep those scores high.

One of the most interesting discoveries of this year’s survey was the most beloved new features of 2016. Here are the top 3:


Feature #1 - Highlights Tile


highlight tileOver 1/3 of the respondents indicated that their favorite new feature in 2016 was the Highlight tile! This new TrustYou feature allows hotels to have a quick overview of their main KPIs. A preset report was also integrated in all accounts to make it even easier to use. You can use this report in your weekly team meeting, to give some insights about the performance of your property. It helps you keep a closer eye on your metrics and your competitors’ metrics, while remaining very operational.


Feature #2  Survey real-time action alerts


More than a quarter of the respondents chose the real-time survey alerts as their second favorite feature. This allows you to receive a real-time notification by email when you receive a new survey review. Thanks to the filters available, you can customize those alerts, for example to be notified only when a negative survey review is posted. Alerts can also be triggered based on the responses guests provided, in case certain selections are very important for you. You can then be more reactive when guests are submitting reviews and this will help you solve remaining issues to prevent future negative reviews.

real-time-alerts-charline - Kopie



Feature #3 - Department tiles


The last, but not least, favorite feature is the introduction of the Department tiles on your Dashboard. As you may know, we use semantic analysis on the text comments given in the guest reviews. This allow you to see and analyze the positive, negative and neutral mentions on specific categories and subcategories. To help you get the most of this analysis and give you operational insights, we have created the Department tiles. The relevant categories and subcategories from the semantic analysis are aggregated by departments, giving you a clear picture of how your Front Office and Housekeeping teams are performing. This allow you to maintain the right level of service in your hotel and increase guest satisfaction.




We hope that you enjoy these features as much as some of our TrustYou clients! If you ever have any questions about how to use them, please reach out directly to our friendly Client Success Team at:

Additionally, feel free to follow one of our online trainings to get to know those features and much more! Our help section remains available at any time for more details.

Stay tuned for even better features in 2017!

Laura Badiu

Laura is a passionate bookworm and a gifted writer. Since joining TrustYou’s marketing team, she has embraced topics in the travel and hospitality sector with enthusiasm. Using her degree in Journalism, Laura creatively weaves words into insightful stories with a focus on reputation management.

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