TrustYou Goes Balearic – Interview with Starwood Mallorca

A couple weeks ago, we took the opportunity to interview one of our favorite customers - Starwood Hotels and Resorts in Mallorca. Check it out!



Having used TrustYou Analytics since a year ago, what benefits have you obtained with the tool?

After a year using TrustYou Analytics as a main tool to monitor and analyze our online reputation, we must say the main benefit has been a vast increase in our efficiency with social media in our hotels. Using TY Analytics we can react faster, as time is a deciding factor when interacting in the social space.

What’s the main reason to keep monitoring your online reputation with TYA?

The main reason we're committed to TYA is the agility the tool offers in the efficient management of our "web 2.0" presence. It is not just about the alerts on new reviews, it is about how the tool is smartly structured, easily understandable, and easy to use for powerful reputation analysis.

Have you studied other options to monitorize your reputation online?

Yes indeed, but we’ve decided to continue with TYA thanks to its ease of use and quickness. As well as other features like the attractive graphics...

Better positioning, Sales increase and customer loyalty. Which of these improvements have you noticed the most?

Using TY has improved contact with our direct customers and strengthened our position in the marketplace. The ability to vastly improve our reaction time with reputation management has helped us engage trusting customers on review sites and social media channels alike. These improvements combined with our daily work put us ahead of our direct competitors on positioning and an increase of income.

Regarding the tool, one of our most used areas is the "Tops and Flops" tag. We are able to see - in a quick glance - what keywords are used by customers to identify the hotel. We love it!

Would you recommend the tool to competitors?

Personally I would recommend the tool to any hotel interested in having precise control of their reputation online. Use of these tools just not help single hotels, but can be a great help for the entire sector, enabling the industry to offer good service and cater directly to customers' expectations like we've never been able to before

And so closes our glowing interview with our friends in Mallorca. For more information about TrustYou Analytics, visit


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