Tips and Tricks: TrustYou’s Weekly Digest // Week of September 5th 2011

Welcome to our weekly digest, where we give you some essential reading to keep you up with the state of the art in the online hotel marketing space. Enjoy!

Underscoring the importance of online hotel reputation management (by Bryan Payea)
Take a look at this article, which is a spinoff of a webinar between Tnooz and TripAdvisor’s head of industry relations Bryan Payea. It serves as a great reminder and reinforcement of the fact that hotels need to be actively involved in managing their online reputation.

How much exactly should a hotel invest in Internet marketing in 2012? (by Vizergy)
This article posted last week on EyeForTravel details the steady economic recovery of the hotel industry, as well as the growing need to invest more in digital marketing in the very near future. Interesting tidbit: “According to a TripAdvisor survey, most hotel owners embrace social media, as 57 percent plan to increase their social media marketing budgets.” Check it out!

Social media: Don’t just sign up. Do it right! (by Michael McKean)
As Michael McKean, columnist for, “this isn’t one of those typical “get on Facebook or Twitter” articles. (If you’re not there already, then consider this a friendly reminder.)” The next step in really owning your social media presence is adding value by distributing quality content, and actively engaging the community. This artice has a few tips on how to do that.

5 Challenges for Managing Customer Service on Facebook (by Bryan Person)
The Importance of Hotel Facebook Page Design (by Pedro Colaco)
These two articles are full of useful wisdom on how to maintain a successful Facebook presence, both as a service organization and a hotel. Take a look to keep aware of current trends and best practices!

And that’s it for this week! Stay tuned to our blog right here, and make sure to follow us on twitter and Facebook for more tips, tricks, and wisdom for the hotel space.


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