TrustYou Engineering Team Cluj-Napoca at IT Days 2018

The always-learning mindset is at the heart of TrustYou teams across our offices and departments. We embrace opportunities to learn and grow on an everyday basis in our tasks. What we consider addtionally as a great resource of learning? Sharing experiences and exchanging thoughts with others outside our own teams. In particular team members from the engineering department enjoy attending tech conferences, meetups, and workshops to discuss latest trends in the IT space. 

Last week, Nov. 20 & 21, TrustYou engineering team members attended the IT Days 2018 in Cluj-Napoca, a major tech conference in Romania. Ever since its initial inauguration in 2013, it has become a key event for tech enthusiasts. More than 50 speakers and over 900 attendees from all across the globe participated in this year’s edition.  

The event is organized by the Today Software Magazine, a must-read for software developers, testers, as well as IT&C managers. Published on a monthly basis in Romanian and English, it’s dedicated to provide insights on new trends and technologies.

Cluj-Napoca, Europe’s silicon valley, organizes conferences every year with popular speakers known all around the world, which actively shapes the minds of the local developer community. Thus, TrustYou engineering team members set out to engage with the Cluj IT community. What did they like most about it?

Itdays Cluj

Cristian, Senior Developer

“Captured by the hashtag #BuildingTomorrow, the conference tackled major topics of our day and age, such as Electronic Trading (Blockchain), Microservices, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Architecture. I enjoyed the talk by Java champion Peter Lawrey, who gave insights on his work with high performance applications. There was also time to make new friends from other IT companies, to share opinions and experiences during the networking breaks.”

Eugen, Global Team Lead Operations

“I really liked the UiPath presentation about robotic process automation. The Cluj IT community is doing amazing things regarding our smart city concept. The talk “Together with Smart Sensors and Robots in the Urban IT Eco-Systems of Today” by Paulina Mitrea, leader of the “Brained City” Group of Cluj IT Cluster was a great example of this.”

George, Python Developer

“The most interesting talks for me were the ones by Ciprian Sorlea from Nordlogic Software, “Deep diving in Modern Micro-service Architectures”, and “Design Guidelines for Webapps” by Dan Nicolici from Fortech. The latter one focused on solving problems instead of programing language/patterns. Supercool was also the workshop - “The less than 14k app” - by Vlad Durnea from 3Pillar Global. The interactive approach opened up an interesting new perspective on performance. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the challenges other companies deal with and how they approach solutions.”  

Dan, Python Software Engineer

“The most unexpected talk I attended was the one about Alan Turing, the English mathematician and pioneer of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, held by his nephew., Moreover, it was insightful to learn about how Betfair analyzed and switched to a js library (preact) for their web app.”

Georgiana, Crawling Engineer

“I’ve had the opportunity to listen to several talks and to learn from the experience of other conference attendants. Among my favourites: Peter Leeson’s “Understanding Complexity”, and Mark Seeman’s thoughts on how to think productively about software development in his talk “Humane Code”. Peter Lawrey’s “Design consideration in creating a new high performance blockchain platform in Java” was also super cool. What is more, I enjoyed very much the meetups, quizzes, and small awards.”

Liviu, Operations Engineer

“Like many of my team members, I liked most the presentation from Dermont Turing about his uncle Allen Turing. While he's not as experienced in math and science as his ancestor was, it was interesting to learn more about Turing's life and ideas. Additionally, I attended talks on crypto-currencies and AI. It was a really cool experience to be at the conference.”  

George, Crawling Engineer

“My favourite talk was "Mobility as a Service". The speaker proposed a mobile app that combines all public and private transportation solutions. This app would thus address the needs of the citizens. Other talks I liked were the ones "Understanding Complexity" and "Automated driving: video systems development". I was impressed by Peter Leeson's and Peter Lawrey's dedication to answer all the questions the audience had.”

Catalina Brinza

Catalina is a social media and data enthusiast. At TrustYou, she's on a mission to bring the most out of travel and hospitality data. One day, she hopes to experience Japan's culture to its fullest.

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