TrustYou Adventurers in Tokyo: What We Love About The World’s Most Populated Metropolis

Tokyo is known worldwide for many diverse reasons and when most people think of it, they envision a haze of bright colors, lights, traditions, cutting-edge technology, great food, and huge masses of people. In fact, Tokyo is the world’s most populous metropolis, which is another reason why we’re proud to see our company’s name right in the middle of it. 

Our offices are scattered across the globe and our team members come from very different places and backgrounds, so cultural diversity is something that we value deeply. In the past, we have gathered thoughts and opinions from people in our offices in Munich and Cluj and now it’s time to shine a light on our amazing colleagues from Tokyo. So let’s go together through the reasons why they love living and working in Tokyo and discover this beautiful city together.

One of the first things that came up – and absolutely no surprise here – is the excellent food that can be found everywhere in Tokyo. From the best sushi that you’ll ever have to different types of noodles, pasta, and ramen, Tokyo has it all. Our Managing Director for Japan, Kaz, raved about the large diversity in terms of food. Business Development Managers Hiro and Touki, as well as client Success Manager Fuuma, and also our Key Account Director Nao, have also mentioned the varied cuisine that they enjoy in Tokyo and the large number of international restaurants that can satisfy any taste.It’s pretty obvious that our Business Development Team has quite some foodies among them. Hiro is a big fan of all sorts of noodles and Hitomi is also fond of the extremely organized delivery services, that ensure a fresh meal every time.

One thing that Tokyo is well known for is its status as a leader in cutting edge technology. This is where the future is built, where robots are assembled, and where tech innovations are born every day. Naho, our Tokyo-based Key Account Executive, appreciates the latest technology that her city provides, along with a multitude of fashion brands, sports, and traditions: “This is the place where the old and the new meet.”

And speaking of old, don’t let the techy status fool you. Tokyo is also imprinted with beautiful, ancient traditions, old buildings and architecture, museums, and a rich history. Akira, our Marketing Manager, mentioned his favorite downtown areas, like Asakusa, Kagurazaka, Yanaka, Fukagawa, and Shibamata, where you can see the old shinto shrine or a buddhist temple. Fuuma also enjoys the museums of Tokyo and the frequent special exhibitions: “Tokyo is definitely a modern city, but one that keeps its culture and old architecture.” This opinion is shared by Touki, who appreciates the mix of history and modern culture and also mentioned another plus of this complex city: its climate. Tokyo checks all the four seasons, plus a large diversity of geographical features: from valleys to mountains and all the way to the seas, it’s pretty much impossible to get bored in Tokyo.

Locals and tourists alike can thus easily reach beaches and mountains located only one or two hours away from the city. Also, this is extremely convenient since Tokyo is known for a great public transportation system and its remarkable development over the years. Kaz and Nao are also big fans of the public transportation in Tokyo since it allows them to get by in any direction, in a timely manner. Even if you don’t feel like traveling much, know that Tokyo is also filled with surroundings that are rich in nature, as our Key Account Manager, Yuka, mentioned. The city has a large number of parks and green spaces, which contribute to the relaxed and tranquil environment that we all crave after a busy day.

Another reason to appreciate Japan’s capital is its vibrant nightlife. Both Nahoko, our Office Manager in Tokyo, and Masato, Integration & Strategic Alliance Manager, think that nights shine brighter in this city and that there are plenty of activities to choose from. Bar hopping is extremely popular in Tokyo, as well as robot restaurants and sky lounges where people can enjoy breathtaking views. For the ones who prefer artistic and cultural activities, Nahoko suggests enjoying ballet performances from all over the world. Masato also talked about an interesting fact: the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is working with the Tourism Foundation to promote the so-called nightlife economy as a measure to clear inbound consumption of 8 trillion yen. Talk about party people!

Along with all these after sunset activities, safety can usually be a problem. Not in Tokyo though, where the crime rate is extremely low and its residents feel safe at all hours. Both Kaz and Touki added this to their list of reasons to love Tokyo since it’s an important (and unexpected) benefit of such a large, populated, and active city. 

We are definitely sold – Tokyo sounds like an amazing city. Want to know more? As always, you can follow our adventures on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and get a closer look at what working within an international environment looks like. Also, if your Japanese is on point, follow the TrustYou Japan Facebook page and stay tuned for more insights!