Meet the TrustYou Office Dogs!

TrustYou team members are spread across the globe. What unites all of us: first, our love for traveling. And second, if we work in our offices, we cannot get enough of our office dogs!

Over the past years, there has been a growing number of research on the impact of dogs on an office environment. Opinions come in all forms: while there are heavy opponents of the office dog concept in general, there are also people who could never imagine working in an animal-free environment. Moreover, they explain why office dogs are actually the “best idea ever”. Others refer to studies highlighting the benefits of bringing your “canine colleagues” to work.

The office dog phenomenon is also no longer a matter of startup vs. corporate companies. Dog-friendly policies can be found at Google, Nestlé, as well as in small-sized companies.

At TrustYou we’re super happy to have our animal team members around us and they help to create a very pleasant office environment. Some team members are even said to have lost their dog anxiety over them…

At the very beginning, dogs were just brought to the office after checking with other team members. In the meantime, we have probation days at TrustYou for new animal joiners and a proper onboarding day.

With a growing team, our dedicated Onboarding Manager, usually taking care of new human team members, makes sure that dogs and humans get along well. 

Thus, meet the current line-up of the TrustYou office dogs across the globe!

Munich HQ Office20181005 172139 (1)

My name is... Strolchi.

I have been with the TrustYou team... since the day dogs were allowed in the office.

What I like most about the TrustYou office are... all the friendly people giving me love and sometimes yummy treats.

My favorite treat is... dried duck meat.

The place where I love to take my nap… is my green big pillow.

Things I can do super well... being quiet in the office.

A fun fact about me... I'm a little socially awkward, but if you have a treat for me I will fall in love with you.

If you want me to... shake hands, you need to say in German ‘hand me your paw’ ('gib Pfote') and we can shake hands.



My name is Elphaba @SelfieElphie.

I have been with the TrustYou team since... April 2017.

What I like most about the TrustYou office is... coming in every morning to greet all my human friends!

My favorite treat... I've been chewing one of Strolchi's oversized bones for the last year and I have made almost no progress on it!

The place where I love to take my nap... the yellow chair in my office is where I catch my best Zzz's, I don't mind cuddling with any friends who want to squeeze next to me on my chair either.

Things I can do super well... I am a great beggar. I will sit next to you and make the biggest puppy-dog eyes ever until you give me what I want.

A fun fact about me… whenever my human asks me to jump on his lap, I will jump on whoever else's lap is closer, just to make him jealous.

If you want me to... play dead, you better do it where there is carpet. I am too much of a princess to play dead on the hardwood floor.


Img 4692

My name is... Ginger of Nordic Island, alias Glika

I have been with the TrustYou team... since April 2018

What I like most about the TrustYou office are... the people and that they pet me. Also, following my human anywhere she goes. I literally mean anywhere, that’s really cool. We have an awesome office where I can see through all the rooms, so she can not hide from me. This helps me to be less stressed. I can lie there and spy on her while she is in meetings.

My favorite treat... French cheese, of course (as I am French).

The place where I love to take my nap... is everywhere allowed?

Things I can do super well... I am an awesome sleeper, it's my favorite thing to do. Why should I need to run after a ball when I can lie there all day and dream about everything? Also, I love when people come to pet me, I feel like a queen. I enjoy when my human carries me to work with her bike trailer. It seems like she is sweating a lot because of me (good for her), but having the wind in my hair and lying down… There's nothing better, trust me.

A fun fact about me… If it was just up to me, I would sleep 24 hours a day, but it seems like this is not healthy, so my human takes me to go running. After 1 kilometer, I am usually done and I just want to go home. Don't you feel the same?

If you want me to... like you, just don't give me attention. I need it (a lot).

Img 20180807 Wa0000

My name is... Bilbo.

I have been with the TrustYou team since... April 2018.

What I like most about the TrustYou office are... the glass doors so that I can view and control the corridors.

My favorite treat is... any and every piece of dropped food.

The place where I love to take my nap is... the big green beanbag or anywhere where Strolchi - my office dog friend - likes to rest.

Things I can do super well... annoy my humans and look innocent.

A fun fact about me... I'm named after the hobbit from Lord of the Rings because of my short and hairy legs.

If you want me to... follow your instructions, I'll do one trick after another in hopes of getting a treat.

Cluj-Napoca Office 43734314 1988616607869454 3242615985387077632 N

My name is... Lirry, but I also go by Moops, Boopy, or Foca (which means “seal” in Romanian).

I have been with the TrustYou team since... 2016.

What I like most about the TrustYou office are... the people, because they love me, pet me, and spoil me.

My favorite treat... All of them. My human says that I’m a bit overweight, but I say I’m just big boned.

The place where I love to take my nap... is in someone’s lap or on a beanbag.

Things I can do super well... I can snore super loud, way louder than you would expect a tiny dog to be able to snore. I also find creative ways of taking up a whole bed, even though I'm only 6 kilos.

A fun fact about me... I like to eat cabbage and then I take part in the Fart Club. But we never talk about the Fart Club.

If you want me to… love you, I accept payment in treats.

San Diego Office0

My name is… Winter Johnson

I have been with the TrustYou team since… September 2016.

What I like most about the TrustYou office is… that I get to be near my most favorite person and nap the day away. Everyone gives me love and affection.

My favorite treat… I only have 6 teeth (out of 42) so I prefer soft things like turkey, chicken, or cheese.

The place where I love to take my nap... The sunny spot on my blanket by the window.

Things I can do super well… I can speak, shake, and beg for food.

Fun facts about me… I was found wandering the streets of Mexico until I was rescued. I'd like to think I still have some street cred there. I am blind in one eye. I ran away one time but was found after 3 days.  Also, I may be bilingual.

If you want me to… be your friend, you should let me sniff you out and get to know you. I don't like just anyone and will bark at you.


Laura Badiu

Laura is a passionate bookworm and a gifted writer. Since joining TrustYou’s marketing team, she has embraced topics in the travel and hospitality sector with enthusiasm. Using her degree in Journalism, Laura creatively weaves words into insightful stories with a focus on reputation management.

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