They are Talking About You & We’re Listening: The TrustScore Puts a “Grade” to All Online Comments

They are talking about you and it’s not behind your back. If you are not listening, it might as well be. That’s where we come in. As we announced last week, the TrustScore measures your company’s online reputation, much like the Klout score measures a person’s online influence. It’s an easy-to-read “grade,” so to speak, that boils down what’s being said across all online platforms, from review sites to social media to tell you just what your guests think of you. Not just from the usual suspects (you know who they are), but across all sites, globally.

Now enter the inevitable question from hotels who might not be familiar with us (or consumers who have started using our TrustScore search feature): Who are you to grade a hotel? Well, we are really not the ones doing the “grading.” We are simply putting a number to the opinions already given from the masses online. In the spirit of transparency (after all, that is what is core to TrustYou), let’s talk more about how the TrustScore algorithm works.

First, we scan more than 700 reviews/social media comments every minute (did we mention that we are geeks who really love big data?). We get this information from 200+ sites, in 23 languages, across 60+ countries. As new sites come online, we assess them and add the relevant ones to our systems so that we can ensure that all opinions are monitored.

Then, we boil down all of this data to create one, comprehensive score. Here is what we take in to account when calculating the score:

All sources are treated equal: We think that all opinions matter and have an impact on how guests view your hotel. Therefore, one review equals one review. It doesn’t matter if it comes from large, established sites/social networks or up-and-comers with only a handful of reviews.

Sentiment matters: One of the really cool things about TrustYou is our semantic technology. It is developed with 50+ combined man-years of research and is one of the most advanced, accurate systems in the business. We use this technology to understand the opinions within the reviews, not just the overall scores. These opinions and feelings also weigh in to a hotel’s TrustScore.

So does time: Our scores take in to account all reviews and opinions from the last two years. We do, however, recognize that things can change quite a bit over a two-year timespan – upgrades, new management, new branding, new business plans…you name it. To account for these changes, and to ensure we aren’t unfairly punishing or rewarding a hotel for its past, we attach a lower weight to older reviews and put more emphasis on more recent reviews.

And that is it. We don’t throw in our own opinions; we don’t give our own clients higher scores; we don’t score a hotel’s website layout, design, or branding. We simply listen to the comments and give you a simple way to understand them. It can be helpful to book more rooms. It can serve as a roadmap to what improvements might be useful. It can help with marketing, word of mouth and, above all, transparency.

Tony Ciccarone

Tony Ciccarone is a web developer who is experienced in making high-quality professional websites, writing clean & reusable code, and creating data-driven web applications.

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