The Top 3 Features Hotels Can Leverage in A Guest Feedback Platform

New Year, New Strategy. It has a nice ring to it. But what hotel marketing or hotel operations strategy is right for you, and how can you make sure it’s successful?

At TrustYou, we know one thing for certain: guest feedback impacts bookings. From the initial booking, all the way until the guest checks out, guest feedback impacts a guest’s decisions and experiences from start to finish. That’s why a single, online reputation solution isn’t enough to strategically take advantage of everything guest feedback has to offer. Today, hotels need a solution to not only analyze, but also collect, manage, and market their online reviews.

The all-in-one TrustYou Platform

Here are 3 ways hotels can leverage a complete, robust, guest feedback platform:


1.  Actively promote their hotel with review marketing solutions


We’ve previously shared why reviews should become a strategic part of a hotel’s Marketing strategy. Through increasing volume and actively promoting reviews on multiple channels,  hoteliers will be able to influence travellers’ buying decision on scale.

Starting with social media, hoteliers can now make their Facebook fans aware of their great reviews by integrating TrustYou's meta-reviews and survey reviews directly on their Facebook page, in two different Facebook tabs. The content is incredibly useful for fans to see and this feature is easy to activate from within the TrustYou Marketing module.

The Marketing suite also comes with the option for survey reviews distribution, multiple options for website review widgets, as well as TrustYou's Rich Snippets functionality.

Through integration of the TrustScore, review summaries and survey reviews onto their hotel websites and Facebook page, TrustYou clients can provide travelers with the same booking experience as the most visited travel sites and OTAs, drive direct bookings, increase conversion and lower distribution costs.


2. Engage with guests in real-time with multi-channel communication


Who is still afraid of messaging guests? We know that guests prefer simple and open communication with the hotels before, during, and after their stay.  Furthermore, the majority of guests prefer to communicate through digital methods, which leads to higher satisfaction levels.

Through Guest Messaging, hoteliers easily engage with guests on their preferred channel, providing real-time offers and upgrades, and offering more personalized service. Furthermore, TrustYou’s Guest Messaging module enables compatible connection with Amazon Echo. The result? Guests are happy they provide their feedback through modern methods, the respective feedback is taken into consideration and hotels are continuously improving their interaction with them.

With the improvements to the TrustYou platform, existing clients can also access Guest Messaging from the same TrustYou platform client login.


3. Easily collect guest surveys to boost review content and gain guest insights


As 95% of booking decisions are informed by guest feedback, having a strategy for building review volume is critical for hoteliers. More reviews also translate to more insights on how they can design a better hotel product for their guests.

TrustYou clients can easily design smart surveys, increase their number of reviews,  and gain valuable guest feedback through TrustYou Guest Surveys, an easy to manage,  advanced guest satisfaction survey tool.

Interested making the most of guest feedback with one single solution? Get in touch with our team!


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