Quality Management After Reopening – How To Fully Leverage Reporting

Keeping a close eye on your hotel’s reputation and performance should always be a priority. In times of crisis, tracking, reporting, and getting an inside view into your guests’ experience becomes even more important. 

The only way for hoteliers to know where they stand and where they’re headed is to analyze where they’ve been. Proper quality management is what separates successful hotel businesses from the rest and as travelers become more selective and cautious, the quality of a hotel’s services will weigh heavily on the overall equation. 

As a people-centric business, hospitality is built on a solid foundation of guest satisfaction. But the guest profile is undergoing continuous changes and it can be hard to cater to so many generations, types of travelers, and different preferences, needs, and expectations. The guest experience needs to be constantly monitored and measured, for hoteliers to be aware of their current scores and plan for future improvements.

While an ongoing analysis of many KPIs might sound overwhelming, effective reporting can be easily achieved with the right tool and strategy. Before you start building reports, however, keep in mind these simple rules that will ensure you measure the right KPIs in the easiest way possible:

– Keep it simple – don’t include too many KPIs in one report, focus on the most relevant ones

– Make sure the reports are easy to read and analyze

– Make them accessible – saving and organizing reports is crucial for future analysis

Once you know exactly what you want to track and analyze, these tips and tricks will help you properly assess certain KPIs and get the best overview of your hotel’s reputation. Our recommendations are based on the TrustYou feedback solution which offers a detailed, yet easy-to-use Analytics dashboard.

– Always keep track of the impact scores. Impact scores are fueled by TrustYou’s analysis of online reviews, which measures your performance in different predefined semantic categories (management, housekeeping, WiFi, bathrooms, friendliness, etc.).  This is the foundation for estimating the impact that, for example, good housekeeping has on the overall performance score in a particular time range. Impact scores highlight what to keep up but also where there is room for improvement.

– Check the department tiles. This is where you can see the current scores and trends relating to a specific department in order to help you manage your teams. For example, you can easily detect when there is a complaint concerning housekeeping and react immediately to retain high levels of guest service. 

– Analyze feedback from your own guest satisfaction surveys. To get the best possible overview of what your guests are saying, it’s not enough to simply analyze reviews from third-party portals. If you are using a customizable guest satisfaction survey, like the one we enable in the TrustYou tool, make sure to analyze the incoming responses and even pair the data with other feedback portals. This way, you will get the best idea of what your guests would like to see changed or what should remain the same. 

– Keep an eye on your competitors in order to maintain your advantage. With the TrustYou Reputation Management module, you can select up to 6 competitors to track and benchmark against each other. You might want to see how your breakfast score compares to one of your competitors in order to understand how you can develop and keep a strong competitive advantage. 

– Automate reports to save time. Not everything needs to be difficult or time-consuming. While reporting does sound complex, you can benefit from scheduled reports in order to save time. Once you decide exactly what you want to track and how, you can select a preferred frequency for the reports to be generated and be automatically sent to your Inbox. For example, every first day of the month, you can get an impact scores report to see which categories influenced your hotel’s performance most in the previous month.  

Regardless of how you choose to manage reporting, it’s vital to consider the importance that it holds especially after reopening your hotel. Keep in mind that your guests will behave differently and they will have different expectations compared to the ones they had prior to the crisis. This is why the best way of properly catering to them and to enable quality management after reopening is to acknowledge the important ins and outs of the guest experience. KPI reporting will help you get the best insight into what your guests want and guide you towards positive decision making. 

To start leveraging your hotel’s reputation and the full benefits of quality reporting, get in touch with our team of experts. They will guide you through the benefits of TrustYou’s Reputation Management solution and help you understand and leverage guest feedback in the best way possible.