Customer Success: How B&B HOTELS Uses TrustYou To Gain More Reviews and Customer Feedback

Founded in 1990 by the French company Galaxie S.A., B&B HOTELS is the third largest budget hotel chain in France, with over 230 hotels in France and in total, more than 300 hotels in Europe and Morocco. With the newly opened B&B Hotel Erfurt, B&B HOTELS currently has 76 hotels with more than 7,000 rooms in Germany.

B&B HOTELS knew early on that in order to make the guest experience even better, it would have to place more emphasis on online guest feedback. The hotel group made it a goal to understand its customers’ needs and to provide truly personalized customer service based entirely on travelers’ feedback.

Anna-Karin Daute, eCommerce Consultant for B&B HOTELS, shares the company’s success using TrustYou as part of its online reputation management program.

Q: What solutions were you using to manage your online reputation before TrustYou?

A: Before TrustYou we used no online reputation management at all.

Q: Summarize 3 points of frustration you faced when managing your brand’s online reputation before working with TrustYou.

A: It was hard to get an overview over all the reviews of our hotels on the internet and we had no possibility to analyze these thoroughly. We were also not happy with the countless paper review sheets which we used to have in our hotels, so we were looking for a new and reliable way to collect reviews from our guests.

Q: What was the big “a-ha” moment when you decided you needed to find a better solution for managing your online reputation?

A: We learned that it is not too difficult to find the right supplier with the right product and the right price – TrustYou was and is the best tool for us in the marketplace.

Q: What are the top 3 reasons you selected our product?

A: We were convinced by the product. We were looking for a product that allowed us to monitor our online reviews and that allowed us to send out our own customized surveys. We were also very happy with the support and our contact person in Germany.

Q: How easy/difficult was it to start getting used to our product?

A: The use of the TrustYou online tool is very intuitive. If you have a question or need help, the support is always happy to assist. The offered webinars are also very helpful.

Q: How did TrustYou help you overcome the challenges you were facing before?

A: TrustYou enabled us to collect our reviews throughout the internet and made it possible for us to analyze their contents and take appropriate measures within our company to improve several aspects. Furthermore it allowed us to send out our own customized survey for our guests in order to improve guest satisfaction as well.

Q: Is there a particular feature of our tool that you rely on most?

A: Currently we rely mostly on the reporting and the survey tool. An integration of several widgets on our website is currently planned.

Q: Tell us about the most positive experience using our product.

A: We are sharing the feedback of our guests with all involved stakeholders within our company. It is good to see, that all of us work on improving services and product offerings to our guests.

Q: How has TrustYou helped you achieve your business goals?

A: In the transparent world we all live in, good ratings help to defend or win market share against competitors. There is no doubt that excellent ratings influence the booking behaviour and justify higher rates which is leading to higher REVPAR to achieve our business goals.

Q: Would you mind sharing stats or metrics to highlight your success?

A: With TrustYou, we have improved our overall review scores. TrustYou’s surveys help us to gain more reviews, accounting for 28% of our total number of reviews. Plus, our survey reviews are helping to boost scores – our surveys have statistically significant higher scores than on all other sources (82 vs. 79).

Q: How does TrustYou help you save time and increase productivity?

A: TrustYou offers quick and easy to use overviews and reportings. The send out of the survey and looking up results doesn’t take up much time.

Q: What is the most important reason you would recommend our products?

A: TrustYou is a trustworthy partner when it comes to online reputation management. It offers state of the technology while being very user-friendly.

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