Burning Questions From Hoteliers Answered: All About The Guest Experience

The team at TrustYou recently hosted our 2nd live webinar to showcase our Guest Experience platform and discuss our newest and upcoming technologies. The TrustYou platform is built with our clients and future clients in mind, to ensure that their guests have a seamless experience during their hotel stay. The exciting part of our events is to hear the helpful feedback we get and to address the thoughtful questions. We thought it would be helpful to share some of the questions and answers that others might benefit from. 

If you weren’t able to attend our event live, you can still access the recording here. Our next event will be in September so be on the lookout for additional information to come. Here are some additional questions that we answered: 


How can we distribute a survey to guests during their stay on our property? 

You can distribute a survey through a URL link that is sent to them, a QR code on printed material, or via a link accessed once they connect to your WIFI.

What are some additional types of surveys offered beyond pre-stay, on-site, and post-stay?

We do offer different options for surveys such as Food and Beverage, Attraction, MICE, and Wellness & Spa. 

TrustYou recently updated the UI - when are these changes for the new navigation going to be launched? 

The changes are active now but you do need to activate the new navigation to make the switch. You will see an alert at the top of the page. You are able to toggle back to the older version if there’s any confusion or if you prefer the previous navigation. 

Can our pre-stay surveys be integrated with the hotel’s PMS?

If you are utilizing Live Experience, then yes, it can absolutely be integrated with your PMS and we recommend this. You would do that in the integration tab and our service team is happy to help you with that if needed. If you are currently utilizing TrustYou’s Survey product but NOT Live Experience, you would need to set up a different integration such as SFTP, Connect, or manual upload.

Are TrustYou surveys HTML based or basic plug and play?

We have a ready to go version but there are also customized sections. There are a few options for formatting and setup. You can customize the questions and adapt the survey according to the needs of your property. 

How many competitors can we have in our dashboard?

We allow you to select up to 6 competitors which are generally based on geographic location, similar amenities and price to your property. You can compare your property to your competitors as a group or individually. 

What hardware is needed for us to utilize the Team Chat functions while on-site?

TrustYou Live Messaging and Team Chat are both accessible via mobile app, so you can simply download the app to your mobile device or tablet and you’ll be ready to start chatting while on the go.

What is the conversion rate for QR code surveys?

While it is difficult to detect the conversion rate on surveys scanned via a QR code (since it is difficult to say how many guests see/scan a survey), we have seen many clients receive more feedback while guests are on-site versus after they check out. In fact, we have seen some customers receive up to 4X more feedback via the TrustYou Live Survey vs. Post-Stay Survey. 

If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, please reach out to us anytime!

Valerie Castillo

Valerie leads our fearless team of content writers, field marketing experts, and hospitality-focused marketers here at TrustYou. Her adventure has taken her from her hometown of Arlington, VA, all the way out to San Diego, CA, where the nice weather has reinvigorated her creative spirit.

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