Encouraging Global Score on the Travel Heath Index but Caution is Still The Word of the Day

In the previous weeks, our Travel Health Index indicated Europe’s progress in terms of travel, as seen through guest reviews. However, the rising number of COVID-19 cases has also made itself known in our index’s calculations of the week-over-week review trend. The month of August seems to have started on a positive note, with a global score of 40 – a high one compared to previous months, along with what seems to be a steady trajectory. However, caution is still the current buzzword, as the trend registered by different regions is frequently changing course.

As reflected in the graphic below, the week ending August 16th, Europe kept its status as the region with the highest scores, indicating a healthy growth in terms of hotel guest reviews. While its upwards trajectory appears to have stagnated for now, the constant trend is still a sign of stability and recovery. Good news is also coming from South America, whose travel recovery is happening at a slow pace but seems to have picked up slightly at the beginning of August. Africa has also registered an upward trajectory beginning the end of July and while a very slight decrease in the number of reviews appears to change the positive trend, it remains to be seen if this is just a small slump or a more serious matter. 

Similar to Africa, North America, Asia, and Oceania are currently registering decreases in the number of guest reviews, which, given the peak travel season, can only be attributed to new COVID-19 cases and people’s reluctance to travel. For the moment, it is unclear whether we’re facing a normal fluctuation or a new downward trend in travel and hospitality. While the forecast so far has been positive and the hopes are definitely up, it’s safe to say that caution is still the buzzword and we might still face quite a few shifts and turns in the upcoming months. This is also reflected in the global week-over-week trend of guest reviews, which in the week ending August 16th, was 0 – meaning that on average, the number of reviews registered that week has not increased or decreased compared to the previous one. 

With changes happening at a rapid and unpredictable pace, it’s important for hoteliers and hospitality professionals to keep a close eye on the global and regional trends in terms of guest reviews, in order to understand where the industry stands and where it’s headed. Make sure to check the Travel Health Index for ongoing, weekly updates that show the real progress of each region, as well as individual countries.

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