3 Heartwarming Hotel Stories and 100+ Power Tips and Ideas for navigating the pandemic

Every hotel has a story to tell. Even during lockdown, while there may be a lack of guests, the calling to serve does not simply go away. We asked our hotel partners to share some heartwarming stories and we took the time to listen. It made us realize once again how much the little things mean and what sentiment can do to raise our spirits during times of need.

Here are three of the moving stories that inspired us at TrustYou to put together our eBook with 100+ Power Tips and Ideas for navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

Celebrating each other for no specific reason 

“Since the beginning of quarantine, everyday at 9 pm, all neighbors come out on their terraces or balconies to applaud each other, says Helmut Henke, Project and Brand Manager at DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts. “This spectacle is motivating and inspirational as well. The applause takes 2-3 minutes”. 

"Power Tip #28. Applaud each other. This is motivating and inspiring."

100+ COVID19 Power Tips and Ideas for the Hotel Industry
By TrustYou & our hotel partners

Sharing fresh produce, music and laughter 

This is a very stressful time and one can quickly feel isolated. That is why Crystals Villa Hotel started distributing surplus fruit and vegetables from their property to those less fortunate, and playing music for their community every night. From their third-floor balcony they would host a small concert, playing guitar and singing, while having cocktails. Down below they put out chairs, some 20 feet away, in keeping with social distancing, as well as some wine, to the delight of their audience. Together they would sing, laugh, and simply enjoy the night - a welcome break from thinking about what is or can happen. It can all be very disheartening, so it is a little relief just to have a different mindset even if it is just for a few hours. 

"Power Tip #109. Support people going through well-being issues, as they are feeling more isolated than ever before. Sing, laugh, and enjoy a break from thinking about what is or can happen."

100+ COVID19 Power Tips and Ideas for the Hotel Industry
By TrustYou & our hotel partners

Making them feel safe and genuinely cared for 

At DoubleTree Sunrise-Sawgrass, they had a family in the house who were victims of a scam, lost their money and had to stay in the hotel while they tried to find a solution. Once the hotel got wind of this, they offered a reduced nightly rate to the family and went above and beyond to ensure their utmost comfort, to the point where the guests felt so at home that they hardly wanted to leave due to the hospitality they experienced. “They eventually raved about the level of care and service they received at checkout and vowed to recommend the hotel without hesitation,” remembers Front Office Manager David Morrison. 

"Power Tip #39. Offer such genuine hospitality and care that guests would want to move in permanently and stay forever."

100+ COVID19 Power Tips and Ideas for the Hotel Industry
By TrustYou & our hotel partners

What is the service industry but taking care of human needs, enchanting others, and making them feel welcome and supported? And so once more we learn to emphasize the importance of listening, to each other, to our colleagues, our partners, neighbours, and guests.

100+ Power Tips and Ideas for Hotels

Together with our hotel partners, we break down the most tried and true strategies for navigating the pandemic. From ensuring safety to minimizing financial losses and keeping up morale, we look at how hotels are powering through these challenging times. Download our eBook packed with power tips and ideas now!

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