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Google erläutert lokale Suchergebnisse: Was Hotels wissen müssen, um ihre Rankings zu verbessern

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Ein Großteil der Reisenden beginnt die Reiseplanung auf Google. Die Position, an der ein Hotel im lokalen Ranking angezeigt wird, beeinflusst die Klickraten und die Wahrscheinlichkeit gebucht zu werden. Letzte Woche hat Google einen Blog geteilt, der uns Einblicke gibt, wie lokale Such-Rankings kalkuliert werden und darauf hingewiesen, dass Ergebnisse vor Read More

2016, We’re On To You

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What Hotels Need to Know to Prepare for the Year Ahead in Digital Marketing

The past year was a wild and successful ride for the hotel industry. A banner year in terms of occupancy, 2015 was also a year of big consolidation and continued increases in guest acquisition costs. Read More

What’s the True Impact of Bad (Or Great) Services? Now You Know With TrustYou Impact Scores

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Travel reviews are essential to a hotel’s prosperity. Reviews can have a cascading effect: positive reviews bring travelers and their positive reviews bring more travelers. Negative reviews, obviously, discourage travelers, and when problems aren’t fixed, those travelers who were undeterred by negative comments, write more negative reviews. But how do Read More

Where the Family Travelers Are

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The rise of travel terms such as bleisure (business and leisure) and framily (friends and family) points to growth in the family travel segment. Sometimes attaching days to the end of a business trip so that a spouse and children can come along, sometimes multiple generations of a family traveling Read More

How to Get Guests to Find, Book, and Trust Your Hotel? New TrustYou Website Holds the Answers

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Travel reviews—and the way they are monitored, measured, and presented—have changed. With the launch of a new website, TrustYou tells the story of the modern travel review and the ways in which reviews can be leveraged to increase presence (Find), increase direct reservations (Book), and grow traveler confidence (Trust).

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Is reputation the key to loyalty?

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This weekend, I bought some new kitchen appliances and was automatically signed up by the sales person for yet another loyalty program with a complicated points system that I not only will never understand, I’ll never use it. My membership in this loyalty program is meaningless. Consumers are overwhelmed with Read More