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Market verified reviews on your own website and influence your rankings on sites like Kayak, Lastminute, Sabre GDS, and hundreds more.

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Your TrustScore™ influences 50M+ monthly booking decisions

Your TrustScore and review summaries are distributed to millions of travelers so you can drive bookings on a large scale:


Influence your rankings and review scores

More than 80% of all reviews are positive. If you collect more reviews with TrustYou Surveys, you can directly boost your TrustScore and influence your Review Summaries.

Connect with TrustYou’s Meta-Review API

Are you a metasearch site, an OTA, a destination or a hotel chain that wants to integrate TrustYou's independent Meta-Reviews in 26 languages? Our APIs help you build better search experiences for travelers.

Check out your hotel’s reputation

The TrustScore is a global picture of what is being said about a hotel, boiled down into one simple score. Place it on your website for great restaurant or hotel marketing.

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