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TrustYou 6.0: Introducing a Brand New TrustYou

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This past year, we as consumers have experienced some extreme updates of some of our favorite apps and devices. From Instagram to Snapchat, to the new iOS 10, 2016 definitely seems like the year of positive changes.

To provide our users with a similar exciting experience, TrustYou is proud to release our most significant updates to the product’s user interface!

We are happy to introduce, TrustYou 6.0.



Enjoy the New [TrustYou]ser Interface


Over time, web and app-based interfaces (interface = how the product looks and how users interact with it) evolve and change to adapt with user preferences. As with many of the product and app updates we are used to, we believe that form should follow function. Therefore, TrustYou 6.0 users will find some new and improved navigation options.

The main menu, which allows users to toggle between product features, has now been moved to the left sidebar. This will make overall navigation between tabs easier, as more product features are now included where they are always visible. New guest reviews can be found in the “Inbox” tab, while the “Settings” option has been moved to the bottom of the sidebar.



Leverage the Platform


TrustYou is proud to be the world’s largest guest feedback platform. With the introduction of our newest product, TrustYou Messaging, current TrustYou clients now have the opportunity to use real-time communication to influence guest feedback while their guests are still onsite.

In TrustYou 6.0, all of our guest feedback products, including TrustYou Messaging, Analytics, and Stars can be accessed via one account login, making it even easier for hotels to leverage the full platform. In the updated interface, users of multiple products can easily shift between their solutions by clicking on their product name in the navigation bar.



Change the Game


This new release isn’t a first for TrustYou. In fact, we release product updates every 4-6 weeks. To better help educate our users on the product enhancements, upgrades, and new features, TrustYou 6.0 will display richer notifications and alerts. If you ever happen to miss an alert while working in the product, you will notice an open message counter, similar to the app alerts you receive on your phone or tablet, as a reminder.

Finally, at the heart of the TrustYou product is the intelligence we can provide to our hotel clients. Many of these insights come directly from the product’s reporting features. In TrustYou 6.0, locating and leveraging reports is easier than ever (and looks a lot nicer, too!). Along with other important product features, “Reports” has been moved to the top navbar for ease of access. Additionally, in the performance tiles users will see an “Add to Report” selection, now shifted to the right of each tile, which will add these insights to your report setups.


Make the Most of It


When your iPhone updates, it sometimes takes days or even weeks to realize all the new features that you now have access to. However, TrustYou clients have a Client Success Team who can ensure they are making the most of TrustYou 6.0 right from the start. And it doesn’t have to take all day to learn how!

Watch this brief video for an overview of the features, or contact our Client Success Team directly to set up a training for you or your team at

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