Trust Score

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What is the TrustScore?

The TrustScore is the first independent, consumer-trusted score that represents all online opinions of consumers around the world. It allows businesses to market their good reputation online with a single stamp of approval.

We aggregate all online opinions in 20+ languages across the world and boiling them down into one single score.

How is it calculated?

The TrustScore analyzes reviews to calculate a single reputation score. We measure key performance indicators:

    We place same weight on every individual review across 250+ different websites so that each opinion is given equal weight.

  • DATE
    Our calculations go back two years, with older reviews carrying much less weight than newer ones.

    Our cutting edge semantic analysis algorithms learn from data on the web to detect positive, neutral and negative aspects in sentences. Individual detected opinions are then grouped to different categories (e.g. room, service, location etc.) and counted to form an overall score, service score etc.