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How Google’s Rich Snippets Features Drives Hotel Bookings

by June 27, 2016 9:30 am , Leave a comment

Considering how important search is in the buyer’s journey – 60% of travelers turn to search first when looking for accommodations– it’s surprising why more hoteliers don’t make use of one of Google’s best features: rich snippets. What are Google’s Rich Snippets? Think of rich snippets as extra information that Google lets you provide that appear underneath your page title and URL in search engine results. Translation = They’re extra little goodies you can use to influence travelers to click on your hotel listing versus a competitor’s, helping you drive direct bookings. You can see the rich snippets (the information… read more »


Using Review Data as Rich Snippets To Improve Search Rankings and Increase Direct Bookings

by May 21, 2015 7:55 am Leave a comment

Most hotels are focused on SEO, or are at least aware of the potential benefits of improving their search rankings. It allows them to stand out and ultimately generate more traffic (and direct bookings!). Content marketing is one way to improve search rankings, and travel reviews can play an important role in this content strategy. But that isn’t the only place where travel review data can help hotels to improve their search rankings… Enter the rich snippet. Huh? What’s that, you ask? Rich snippets are bits of extra info that appear on your site’s search result listing above your meta… read more »