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The Importance of a Hotel’s Presence on Google

by April 19, 2017 8:27 am , Leave a comment

What would our lives be like without Google? Ever since the world wide web took over, online research has become a necessity, almost a reflex. We use it for school, for work, for our own entertainment. And to be honest, we don’t even stop and think about it. Looking up information on the web feels like the most natural thing in the world. Hospitality makes no exception. Sites like Google continue to create ways to fit into all phases of the traveler’s search-shop-buy experience. Starting as a search engine, it is now so much more than that and hotels should… read more »


How Google’s Rich Snippets Features Drives Hotel Bookings

by June 27, 2016 9:30 am , Leave a comment

Considering how important search is in the buyer’s journey – 60% of travelers turn to search first when looking for accommodations– it’s surprising why more hoteliers don’t make use of one of Google’s best features: rich snippets. What are Google’s Rich Snippets? Think of rich snippets as extra information that Google lets you provide that appear underneath your page title and URL in search engine results. Translation = They’re extra little goodies you can use to influence travelers to click on your hotel listing versus a competitor’s, helping you drive direct bookings. You can see the rich snippets (the information… read more »


How Google Hotel Reviews Impact Your Hotel

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There is a lot of buzz lately about hotel reviews on Google and what really drives improvements in ratings, review summaries, and local search rankings for hotels. As of recent, a few online reputation providers now offer hotels the ability to push their solicited guest reviews directly to Google.   As an example, earlier this year TrustYou launched TrustYou Stars, a guest satisfaction survey solution that allows hotels to collect guest reviews and then push them to Google as a Google review that is shown below the review summary. TrustYou also provides hotel review scores and review summaries for more than 300,000 hotels on Google. These review scores… read more »


Out With the Old, In With the New: Everything You Need to Know about the Recent TrustScore Update

by May 17, 2016 8:09 am Leave a comment

Since 2008, the TrustYou “TrustScore” has served as a badge of honor for hotels. It is calculated based on verified reviews from across the web and serves as an independent, third party score of a hotel. Thousands of hotels proudly display it on their hotel websites, helping to impact their direct bookings. And the scores influence millions of travelers around the world who see the hotel ratings on the world’s leading travel sites like Google, KAYAK, Skyscanner and many others. Now that the history lesson is over, here’s the big news! As of June 1, 2016, the TrustScore widget will… read more »


Google Explains Local Search Results: What Hotels Need to Know to Improve Their Rankings

by February 17, 2016 8:41 am , Leave a comment

A majority of travelers begin their travel planning on Google. Where a hotel shows up in local rankings influences its clickthrough rates and likelihood of getting booked. Last week, Google shared a blog, providing us with insights into how it calculates local search rankings, noting that local results are based primarily on a business’s relevance, distance, and prominence. Here’s what that means for hotels. Relevance A hotel’s relevance is simply how closely its listing matches what a traveler is looking for. It is determined by the hotel’s business description and reviews. TrustYou powers Google’s hotel scores and provides hotels with… read more »


How Hotels Can Stay Competitive in 2016

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Mobile bookings are the name of the game this year. As is making the travel research and purchase process as simple and visually appealing as possible. When it comes to the valuable real estate of a mobile screen, travelers need their hotel research to be relevant and lightening fast, take as few clicks as possible, and be more visual than ever. And a hotel’s job this year is to ensure that across all platforms—especially the search engines, where a majority of travelers start their travel planning—they are contributing to making the experience better. Those that do will outpace their competitors. TrustYou… read more »

Greece, Google, & Good Content

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Over the weekend I decided to plan a big, belated birthday trip, and the world really is my oyster. I have no one else to compromise with on destination or accommodations. My inspiration was a Travel & Leisure article about inexpensive flights, including flights from NY to Milan. This, of course, led to a lot of flitting around the internet researching the many different destinations I might enjoy, and now here I am researching a trip to Skiathos, Greece and weighing all the pro’s and con’s of the political situation alongside getting to check the Greek Isles off my travel… read more »


Using Guest Surveys to Improve Rankings with Google’s New Algorithm

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Some have called the recent Google algorithm changes “quality updates,” which is to say that Google is fine-tuning the way it evaluates content for web rankings. The search engine is effectively honing in on what makes a website truly relevant to users, and which one does it best. For hotels, the key to Google rankings lies not only in having high-quality content and a well-oiled machine (think load speed), but also in having unique content. It must be fresh, but still relevant. This can be tricky. When you have a product with limits (you’ve covered all the amenities and services… read more »

Google+ for hotels (part III)

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If Google+ isn’t already on your priority radar, heads up that it recently surpassed Twitter with more user accounts, making it the second largest social media outlet. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s more action on Google+, just more accounts. But it’s coming, and that’s especially clear when you look at who’s using it. Millenials are the primary users (i.e., the ones to watch in travel): according to Social Media Today, 50 percent of Google+ users are 18-24 and 28 percent are 25-34. You might consider this when your working on your hotel’s Google+ details. For instance, Millenials live online, and they… read more »

Breaking Down a Hotel Search on Google in 2013 (Part II)

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Remember when your hotel web strategy was all about keyword optimization. Ah, those were the days. Now you’ve got innumerable social media outlets to keep up with, review sites out the wazoo, and Google. It takes a travel guide just to figure out what’s happening on a Google hotel search page these days. So let’s do it—just a basic breakdown in case you’ve been wondering what happened to your trusty search results. Adwords has a new(ish) friend called Promoted Hotels (that sponsored area below the shaded Adwords results). Promoted Hotels is paid advertising through Google Hotel Finder. (I’ll talk more… read more »