Client Success Story: H’Otello

by April 26, 2017 8:59 am Case studies

Our client H'Otello has been using TrustYou's guest feedback platform since 2013 to enhance the guest experience and to collect and analyze reviews. They have seen great improvements in their scores, recommendation rates and direct bookings. See for yourselves:

Google Hotel Finder .

Google Hotel Finder – 5 Ways to Step-Up Your Listing

by March 16, 2017 2:25 pm Best practices

Our latest white paper uncovered the fact that 81% of travelers use Google during their hotel search. Even more impressively, 61% use the integrated hotel finder in search listings before making a booking decision. These majorities are too hard to ignore, so we've come up with 5 concrete ways to enhance your presence on Google's hotel finder. Download the free guide for instant access to our tips!

Reporting KPIs .

How to Build Effective Reports to Track Your Hotel’s KPIs

by February 16, 2017 5:38 pm Best practices

Set yourself up for success by taking some time to build structured and effective reports. Through very little initial effort, you can be on your way to reporting the KPIs important to your hotel. The added benefits of custom features enables your hotel to easily achieve specific strategic goals. Exclusively for TrustYou customers, this best practice shows you the most effective ways to set up reports in your TrustYou Analytics account.

hotel resolutions .

4 Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Hotels

by December 28, 2016 10:00 am Best practices

In the dawn of a new year, many of us reflect on how we can improve. Every hotel is different, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are not perfect. Make 2017 the year of guest satisfaction, guest engagement, and increased revenue. Read this best practice guide for 4 simple resolutions to help your hotel achieve success in 2017!

seo best practice .

The ABCs of SEO

by December 2, 2016 9:42 am Best practices

The digital marketing landscape has changed significantly within the past couple of years. However, SEO (search engine optimization) continues to be a powerful and effective piece of any hotel’s marketing strategy. Optimizing your site will help you gain better rankings in search engine results, which results in higher clickthrough rates and, ultimately, to more customers and revenue. Download the full best practice guide to uncover 5 simple tips to improve your SEO marketing practices!

aska-hotels .

ASKA Hotels Case Study Outlines Impressive Improvements of Overall Score and Scores for Categories

by October 25, 2016 12:49 pm Case studies

The ASKA Hotel Group ( is located in Antalya, Turkey, currently operating 3 all-inclusive, luxury hotels. ASKA Hotels started using the TrustYou guest feedback platform in 2014 and benefits from deep guest insights, improved scores and detailed competitor analysis. Key areas of improvement include: The Overall Score increased by 9% from 85 (2013) to 92 (2015) in only 2 years. Response Rate increased from 30% (2014) to 89% (June 2016). In 2015, 96% of all guest reviews were positive. Due to continuous improvements based on guest feedback, sentiment scores increased across all categories in 2015 compared to 2014.  Download the full case… read more »

positive guest reviews .

Responding to Positive Guest Reviews

by September 8, 2016 2:35 pm Best practices

Think it's only important to respond to negative guest reviews? Think again! By responding to positive reviews, hotels are able to produce more good will with future travelers looking to book.  In a consumer research study, 78% of respondents said that seeing a management response makes them feel that a hotel cares about its guests. And 68% said that they are more likely to book at a hotel with management responses over a comparable hotel with no responses. Build your response library by taking a look at these quick tips for building a great response to positive guest reviews.

Designing Surveys .

Designing Smart Surveys: A Hotelier’s Guide to Soliciting Feedback

by August 9, 2016 11:08 am Best practices

Many different ways exist to solicit valuable feedback from your guests, and there are limitless possibilities of questions to ask and answers to receive. Before setting up your survey, there are certain precautions to consider. Making the initial effort to plan the survey thoroughly will encourage more responses and provide actionable and reliable insights into your guest’s experiences. With this in mind, let’s start the process from the beginning in this e-book.