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Branding Without a Brand Name: an independent hotelier’s guide to building brand value

por septiembre 13, 2017 3:29 pm Guías de buenas prácticas

Los hoteles independientes conocen muy bien el esfuerzo contínuo para hacerse un hueco en el mercado e imponerse contra los grandes grupos hoteleros. Este eBook ofrece un análisis de las distintas estrategias al alcance de estos hoteles para lograr mayores cuotas de mercado. ¡Profundiza en cómo lograr más reservas e ingresos más altos, además de mejorar la reputación online de tu hotel!

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How to Build Effective Reports to Track Your Hotel’s KPIs

por febrero 16, 2017 5:38 pm Guías de buenas prácticas

Set yourself up for success by taking some time to build structured and effective reports. Through very little initial effort, you can be on your way to reporting the KPIs important to your hotel. The added benefits of custom features enables your hotel to easily achieve specific strategic goals. Exclusively for TrustYou customers, this best practice shows you the most effective ways to set up reports in your TrustYou Analytics account.


Responding to Positive Guest Reviews

por septiembre 8, 2016 2:35 pm Guías de buenas prácticas

Think it's only important to respond to negative guest reviews? Think again! By responding to positive reviews, hotels are able to produce more good will with future travelers looking to book.  In a consumer research study, 78% of respondents said that seeing a management response makes them feel that a hotel cares about its guests. And 68% said that they are more likely to book at a hotel with management responses over a comparable hotel with no responses. Build your response library by taking a look at these quick tips for building a great response to positive guest reviews.


Designing Smart Surveys: A Hotelier’s Guide to Soliciting Feedback

por agosto 9, 2016 11:08 am Guías de buenas prácticas

Many different ways exist to solicit valuable feedback from your guests, and there are limitless possibilities of questions to ask and answers to receive. Before setting up your survey, there are certain precautions to consider. Making the initial effort to plan the survey thoroughly will encourage more responses and provide actionable and reliable insights into your guest’s experiences. With this in mind, let’s start the process from the beginning in this e-book.


Three Features for Fixing-up your Facebook

por julio 27, 2016 9:20 am Guías de buenas prácticas

Facebook is a regular in the top 3 social-media sites. A hotel's Facebook page needs to not only be managed, but also to stand out from the competition. Embrace the growing list features on Facebook and make sure your hotel maximizes the conversion opportunity with these three tips covered in the "Three Features for Fixing-up your Facebook" best practice guide.


Millennials and Their Travel Needs

por junio 1, 2016 11:22 am Guías de buenas prácticas

Millennials have their own expectations towards hotels when it comes to traveling - and they love traveling! Some hotel brands meet their needs by changing their entire concepts or developing targeted new brands. However, there are some essential and easy ways to meet the tech-savvy and social media enthusiastic crowd. Download our free best practice guide to learn more about it.