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Elite Hospitality Group Improves Operations and Scores with TrustYou’s Guest Feedback Platform

par juillet 17, 2017 8:39 Études de cas

The Elite Hospitality Group is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and currently operates four All Suites Hotels and three Luxury Residences. The hotel group began using TrustYou's guest feedback platform in 2014 and since then, has put a guest feedback management plan in place to better understand its guests and consistently improve its operations. With extensive guest feedback to act on at its fingertips, the hotel chain was able to detect various areas for improvement and effectively enhance their guest experience. Key areas of improvement include: 878% boost in the number of Google reviews 60% increase in response rate across all… Lire plus »


Client Success Story: H’Otello

par avril 26, 2017 8:59 Études de cas

Our client H'Otello has been using TrustYou's guest feedback platform since 2013 to enhance the guest experience and to collect and analyze reviews. They have seen great improvements in their scores, recommendation rates and direct bookings. See for yourselves:


ASKA Hotels Case Study Outlines Impressive Improvements of Overall Score and Scores for Categories

par octobre 25, 2016 12:49 Études de cas

The ASKA Hotel Group (www.askalararesortspa.com) is located in Antalya, Turkey, currently operating 3 all-inclusive, luxury hotels. ASKA Hotels started using the TrustYou guest feedback platform in 2014 and benefits from deep guest insights, improved scores and detailed competitor analysis. Key areas of improvement include: The Overall Score increased by 9% from 85 (2013) to 92 (2015) in only 2 years. Response Rate increased from 30% (2014) to 89% (June 2016). In 2015, 96% of all guest reviews were positive. Due to continuous improvements based on guest feedback, sentiment scores increased across all categories in 2015 compared to 2014.  Download the full case… Lire plus »


Petit Palace Hotels Case Study Shows Remarkable Increase in Response Rate and Score

par août 3, 2016 3:45 Études de cas

Petit Palace Hotels was founded in 2001 and currently operates 31 hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Sevilla, and Málaga. Petit Palace began utilizing TrustYou’s guest feedback platform in 2013 and has since achieved remarkable results and important quality improvements for their hotels.  Some of the key areas of improvements are: The Overall Score increased from 78 (2013) to 84 (July 2016). Response Rate increased from 28% (2013) to 95% (July 2016). Within two years of using TrustYou Stars, hotel surveys became the most important feedback source accounting for 44%. 1,849 reviews pushed to Google within 6 months using TrustYou Stars with… Lire plus »


How Elite Hospitality Group Is Using TrustYou Radar to Manage Its Reputation

par novembre 12, 2015 11:16 Études de cas

Online reviews are an important part of the travel planning experience; according to studies, 95% of travelers read reviews before making a booking decision. For hotels, this means that monitoring their online reputation and responding to reviews is incredibly important. In fact, nearly 80% of travelers say that seeing a management response makes them feel like the hotel really cares about its guests. TrustYou Radar, a new, mobile-based app from TrustYou, gives hoteliers the possibility to analyze and react to reviews while on the go, analyze and track their performance against competitors and get a full overview of their hotel’s… Lire plus »

Außenansicht BB Hotel Frankfurt

B&B HOTELS Gets 8x More Google Reviews, Improves Google Scores +2.5%

par novembre 4, 2015 2:13 Études de cas

Millions of travelers use Google every day to search for travel deals, vacation packages or getaway ideas. Google also shows reviews alongside the search results, which give users immediate feedback from other travelers to help them make their booking decisions. The new product TrustYou Stars offers hotels the possibility to enhance their content on Google.  B&B HOTELS started using TrustYou Stars in order to gain more Google reviews and enhance the number of reviews about their hotels. They could already observe first great results.


Ayres Improves Google Scores 4%, Increases Review Volume +3340%

par octobre 22, 2015 9:37 Études de cas

Prior to launching TrustYou Stars, Ayres Hotels was averaging just one review per property, per month on Google. Considering how many millions of travelers begin their hotel search on Google, the numbers were not optimal. To enhance its Google content, Ayres partnered with TrustYou to begin using TrustYou Stars. After one month of using TrustYou Stars, Ayres Hotels has seen a substantial increase in the volume of reviews that exist on Google (+3,340%), and its scores have improved by four percent as well.


Customer Success: How B&B HOTELS Uses TrustYou To Gain More Reviews and Customer Feedback

par août 25, 2015 1:59 Études de cas

Founded in 1990 by the French company Galaxie S.A., B&B HOTELS is the third largest budget hotel chain in France, with over 230 hotels in France and in total, more than 300 hotels in Europe and Morocco. With the newly opened B&B Hotel Erfurt, B&B HOTELS currently has 76 hotels with more than 7,000 rooms in Germany. B&B HOTELS knew early on that in order to make the guest experience even better, it would have to place more emphasis on online guest feedback. The hotel group made it a goal to understand its customers’ needs and to provide truly personalized… Lire plus »

How Petit Palace Hotels Uses Guest Survey Feedback to Improve the Guest Experience

par avril 16, 2015 12:09 Études de cas

Edurne Vázquez, Strategic Projects Director at Petit Palace Hotels shares the company’s success using TrustYou’s surveys as part of its online reputation management program. Petit Palace Hotels is a brand of 33 design hotels located in the center of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Bilbao. Q. Edurne, what is your approach to Petit Palace’s online reputation management program? A. At Petit Palace Hotels, we are hyperfocused on our guests and their experiences when staying at our properties. We use guest feedback to maintain the highest standards and to fix any problems immediately. To ensure we provide the best service possible,… Lire plus »