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How to Make the Travel Research Process More Efficient So You Can Close the Deal

Visual Example of Meta-Reviews

Not that long ago, a conversation about travel marketing was focused on analytics—pages per visit, time on site, content engagement, and so forth. This conversation has shifted considerably in the last few years, focusing more on the proliferation of devices and on how or when travelers are using them. Though the dialogue has shifted, we … ▸ Read more

How The Traveler Search-Shop-Buy Experience Can Be Improved with
True Personalization

Integrating review data into Search and CRM not only enhances travel planning, it’s also a recipe for truly exceptional guest service—a start to finish enhancement. Imagine a frequent business traveler is planning his family Christmas vacation in, say, New York City. He visits a handful of travel sites on a mission to find a family-friendly, … ▸ Read more

Personalizing the Travel Search: How Structured Hotel Review Data Leads to
Happier Travelers

An overdue evolution is happening in hotel search. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine how travelers tolerated the rudimentary search capabilities that have been available to them up to now. Doesn’t searching for a “hotel in downtown Miami” seem archaic when the travel industry has so much more information to work with? For instance, it’s entirely … ▸ Read more