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Weekly Roundup #35: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 35/2017 Hi, everyone! Welcome back to our Weekly Roundup, for your fresh dose of hospitality news. It has been an interesting week, so you can take a look at what we found in the media and see for yourself what the most interesting and relevant stories are. Don’t forget, we do this every Friday, so pay us another visit next week and until then, feel free to check our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Have a great, fun weekend! Industry News AccorHotels expands luxury portfolio in Asia Pacific: It’s been another productive period for our… Lire plus »


Millienials Are Choosing OTAs – How Can Reviews Influence Their Decisions?

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It has become pretty clear by now that millennial travelers are here to stay. Sure, Gen Z is quickly catching up, but millennials are still leading the race and hospitality is going above and beyond to adapt to this particular generation of consumers. Driving millennials to a hotel and keeping things as personal as possible has become a priority for hotels and, naturally, this includes direct bookings.   What happens though when millennials choose OTAs rather than booking directly on the hotel website? Unfortunately, this is not a rhetorical question, but a reality. Studies show that indirect bookings are on… Lire plus »


Weekly Roundup #33: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 33/2017 Happy Friday, dear readers! Another week has quickly passed by, so here we are again with the Weekly Roundup: your dose of fresh news and stories from the hospitality industry. We hope you enjoy the read and, as usual, if you want more daily news, we highly recommend following our social media accounts! We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. Have an amazing weekend, everyone! Industry News TrustYou Accelerates Global Success With New Hotel Partnerships And Rapidly Growing Client Portfolio: We are excited to announce that this week we have officially expanded our client portfolio, by… Lire plus »


Weekly Roundup #32: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 32/2017 Hello again, dear readers! Welcome to our Weekly Roundup! Every end of the week, we make it our mission to deliver to you a summary of the most interesting and relevant recent news. So here is what we found this week, we hope you enjoy the read and come back next Friday, for another Roundup! Until then, have an amazing weekend! Industry News Priceline Group nets $720.2 million in second quarter, beating estimates: This week, the Priceline Group Inc. reported its second-quarter net income of $720.2 million, up from $580.6 million year over year. Gross travel bookings were… Lire plus »


Weekly Roundup #31: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 31/2017 Greetings, everyone and welcome to our Weekly Roundup! As usual, during this week, we gathered every single piece of information that sparked our interest and we guarantee that you’ll find them interesting as well. So take a look at the headlines and, for more daily news and stories, make sure to follow our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Until next Friday, have a lovely weekend! Industry News Kayak launches Travel Trends tool based on billions of search results: Our client Kayak has recently launched a new Trends Tool which will allow customers and travel… Lire plus »


Weekly Roundup #30: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 30/2017 Hi there, fellow readers! It’s great to have you back on our blog, for the Weekly Roundup! You know the drill by now: we prepared this week’s most interesting news about hospitality and overall travel and you can find it all here: news, stories, technology posts, everything that you need to know before heading off into the weekend. So enjoy and we hope to have “see” you next Friday! Industry News TrustYou Invests in Enhanced Account Management To Ensure Maximum Client Satisfaction: We’re excited to announce that this week, our new established Global Account Management team has become… Lire plus »


Weekly Roundup #29: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 29/2017 Happy Friday, everyone and welcome to the Weekly Roundup! Hopefully you had a great, productive week. As usual, we prepared for you the most important news and stories from hospitality, so you could go through a quick recap before you head into the weekend. Enjoy the read and in case you do not follow us on social media yet, here’s where you can find us: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Have an amazing weekend! Industry News Elite Hospitality Group Improves Operations and Scores with TrustYou’s Guest Feedback Platform: This week we released a brand new case study,… Lire plus »

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The Hotel Guest’s On-Site Experience – Communicating With The Guest

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When working in hospitality, and especially when managing a hotel, you quickly learn about the guest journey and what it implies. You probably know by now that there are three main phases that a traveler always goes through: the search and booking process, the actual stay on-site, and their post-stay impressions, which are sometimes translated into formal feedback through hotel reviews.   Since we have previously focused on the first stage, the decision making factors that influence the booking and the booking behaviours, it is now time to discuss the on-site experience and how can hoteliers make the most of… Lire plus »


Weekly Roundup #28: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 28/2017 Greetings, once again and happy Friday! It’s great to have you back for our Weekly Roundup. You can find here this week’s most important and interesting news and stories from our favourite industry, travel! So read away, we hope you enjoy it! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media, if you want to get more news and insights into your feed. We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Until next week, have a fabulous weekend! Industry News Kayak and Amazon Echo now offer voice-powered hotel booking: Our client Kayak is the first online travel… Lire plus »


Weekly Roundup #27: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 27/2017 Hello everyone! It’s good to have you back for another Weekly Roundup! As always, you can count on us to put together the most interesting hospitality news of this week and we can only say that it’s been an exciting one for us. We hope you enjoy the read and, for a daily dose of news and stories, don’t forget to follow our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Until next week, have a fantastic weekend! Industry News TrustYou and DEHOGA Bayern presented the “Award of Excellence” to the best rated hotels in Bavaria: Together… Lire plus »


Event Recap: Travel Tech Leadership Summit + Oktoberfest!

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On Thursday, September 29, 2016, over 30 leaders from travel, hospitality, and technology sectors arrived at TrustYou's Travel Tech Leadership Summit in Munich, Germany for a day of conversation and collaboration. The 3rd annual Leadership Summit presented by TrustYou was held during Munich's most popular event of the year, Oktoberfest! In true Bavarian tradition, the summit began with a Weißwurstbreakfast, where TrustYou co-founder Jakob Riegger tapped the keg for the attendees to enjoy, while fellow co-founder Benjamin Jost greeted the attendees and kicked off the day's sessions.   Immediately following, PhoCusWright founder Philip Wolf began a moderated, educational session with his co-presenters from Google,… Lire plus »


How to Use Reputation Management to Influence Hotel CapEx

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Introduction to Hotel CapEx   Hotels have a lot of options when it comes to allocating capital expenditure, or CapEx, budgets each year. Without proper data and research, it’s nearly impossible to choose the most impactful improvements that will maximize return on investment. Hotels that take the time to analyze their existing data, i.e. guest reviews, have the the opportunity to choose the best projects. Here’s how you can use reputation management to allocate your hotel’s CapEx.   What is a capital expenditure?   A capital expenditure is either a newly purchased asset or an investment in a current capital… Lire plus »


Hotel Case Study: How One Hotel Group Leveraged Guest Feedback to Increase Bookings

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Three years ago, Petit Palace Hoteles, a young, modern hotel chain located in Spain, made the decision to utilize guest feedback to improve guest experiences, increase the number of returning visitors, and boost the number of direct bookings. In late 2013, Petit Palace Hoteles partnered with the world’s largest guest feedback platform, TrustYou, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. To start, some of Petit Palace Hoteles 31 properties, increased revenue up to 200% with increased reputation scores and visibility. To achieve this success, the hotels integrated guest feedback into every stage of the guest journey with the… Lire plus »


Back to Hotel Basics: Service Recovery

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When a hotel services tens of thousands of guests each year, complications are bound to arise. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  No hotel is perfect and complaints pop up despite the best of intentions.  Service recovery, or how a hotel handles these issues, can make or break subsequent ratings and reviews.   Be One Step Ahead The best way to provide a positive on-site experience is to stay one step ahead of potential problems. One way to do this is by monitoring feedback and common gripes to find solutions preemptively and train staff… Lire plus »


Win Direct Bookings with Post-Stay Feedback

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In our ongoing blog series, we have already discussed how hotels can drive direct bookings during the search and booking and onsite experience phases of the guest journey. To help complete the cycle, we will continue with strategies that impact post-stay feedback. Did you know that nearly half of a hotel’s published online reviews are solicited from the hotel itself? While this may be a lot of work for the hotel, the end result is well worth the effort. Solicited guest reviews are positive 81% of the time and result in 8% higher scores for the hotel. Therefore, hotels should make… Lire plus »


Hotelier Q&A: The Hotel Tech Stack And the Best Hotel Tech Investments

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A lot can change in just a few years – especially in the hospitality industry. For today's hotelier, creating and maintaining a hotel tech stack is a constant challenge. David Tuza began his career in hospitality as the 10th employee at a then little-known company called SiteMinder. Pretty soon, the Australian-based company known for its cloud-based hospitality software had gone global, expanding to over 400 employees with over 22,000 hotels under its belt.   After spending seven years at SiteMinder, Tuza joined Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited as their Technical Operations Manager, where he lives and breathes everything hotel technology.… Lire plus »


How to Turn an OTA Acquisition into a Loyal Guest

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So you get a booking from an OTA. You’re excited, but also wish that the booking had come direct so you didn’t have to pay commission. It’s ok...there’s still a way to turn that OTA booking into future direct revenue.   The answer is simple: control the onsite experience. OTAs are not going anywhere soon, but there is a way to counter their strategies and make the most out of their acquisitions. The major advantage that hotels have over OTA is the onsite experience, which in turn can drive guest loyalty.    Here are a few ways to improve your hotel’s… Lire plus »


TrustYou 6.0: Introducing a Brand New TrustYou

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This past year, we as consumers have experienced some extreme updates of some of our favorite apps and devices. From Instagram to Snapchat, to the new iOS 10, 2016 definitely seems like the year of positive changes. To provide our users with a similar exciting experience, TrustYou is proud to release our most significant updates to the product’s user interface! We are happy to introduce, TrustYou 6.0.   Enjoy the New [TrustYou]ser Interface   Over time, web and app-based interfaces (interface = how the product looks and how users interact with it) evolve and change to adapt with user preferences.… Lire plus »


Back to the Basics: Is Hotel Wi-Fi an Amenity or a Necessity?

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Hotels may debate over which amenities to offer at their property, but travelers agree: the one they want most is hotel Wi-Fi.  A survey determined that over half of all hotel customers wish free wireless internet was available at all hotels.  TripAdvisor confirms this finding, stating 46% of travelers would specifically book a different hotel if their first choice didn’t offer complimentary hotel Wi-Fi. These customer bases are too high to ignore.  Internet has become a utility, like hot water or electricity, rather than an optional service.  Guests have online access everywhere, from fast food restaurants to bus stops.… Lire plus »


What OTAs Have That Most Hotels Don’t

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In today’s search process, it’s all about options. When searching for a hotel, travelers are presented with a variety of accommodation options on search engines, OTA’s and travel sites. Aside from price and location, a major decision factor are the hotel’s guest reviews and ratings. As 95% of travelers check the hotel’s reviews before deciding to book, hundreds of thousands of hotels and travel intermediaries choose to incorporate review content onto their websites. In order to understand which presentation of review content is the easiest to consume for travelers during their search for hotels, TrustYou conducted a study assessing and… Lire plus »