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Influencer Marketing – Can Your Hotel Benefit From It?

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We are quickly approaching 2018 and it has already been awhile since the conventional advertising strategies have become almost obsolete. A thing of the past. A simple banner or a TV commercial is no longer enough to attract and retain customers and most brands are aware of this. With the rise of social media and channels such as Youtube, publicity and advertising reached new heights and they have often been given actual faces: the ones of influencers. There’s no good reason why the hospitality industry could not profit out of this new marketing strategy. Putting a well-known face to your… read more »


TrustYou’s Top 5: The Best Designed Hotels Around The World

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Let’s be honest: no one books a hotel blindfolded and basic rooms with outdated furniture just don’t cut it anymore. Saying that hospitality is competitive is an understatement and travelers have a huge amount of options to chose from when it comes to hotels and overall accommodations. A lot of the times, the booking decision is based on visuals. Think about it: when was the last time you booked a stay at a place without checking the pictures first? It’s no wonder that, in what seems to quickly become a saturated market, many hotels are now striving to set themselves… read more »


Virtual Reality In Travel – Should Your Hotel Embrace It?

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When the Lumière brothers pioneered a little concept called cinematography, back in 1896, the moving image of a train arriving in a station was incredibly mind-blowing for people everywhere. It fact, it was so unbelievable that it is said the first audience ran away screaming from the theater because they felt like the train was coming right at them and they perceived it as a real danger. Fast forward more than a century and we are now running towards such concepts instead of away from them. Even the rise of 3D, once the movie Avatar aired, seems to be such… read more »


The Independent Hotel Series – Part IV: Putting the “personal” in personalization

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We have made our way to the last part of our Independent Hotel Series, the extension of our latest eBook: Branding Without The Brand Name - An independent Hoteliers Guide To Building Brand Value. Up until now, we talked about how an independent hotel can make the most out of its non-branded status, through finding and marketing what makes it different, carefully working on the SEO, mobile optimization and everything that technology throws its way and also, we focused on reviews and the importance of online reputation management. Now it’s time to get more… personal. More specifically, we’ll talk about… read more »


The Independent Hotel Series – Part III: Focusing On Online Reputation Management

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When it comes to an independent hotel, you might not be able to rely on a prestigious name or a complex structure, to boost your popularity, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a spotless reputation. We all know by now that reputation is something that can make or break a business and entrepreneurs, businessmen and hoteliers who ignore the audience’s feedback and impressions don’t get too far. In our latest eBook, Branding Without The Brand Name - An independent Hoteliers Guide To Building Brand Value we designed the third chapter around this very subject. Reputation management is our… read more »


The Independent Hotel Series – Part II: Optimizing Your Website

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Last week we started our Independent Hotel Series, as an extension of our latest eBook: Branding Without The Brand Name - An independent Hoteliers Guide To Building Brand Value. In the first part of the blog series we discussed why it’s crucial for independent hoteliers to acknowledge what makes their hotel stand out in a highly competitive market and how to make sure that the best traits and features of the hotel contribute to the traveler’s booking decision process. Now it’s time to talk about your hotel’s virtual business card: the website. It’s no secret anymore that we live in… read more »


The Independent Hotel Series – Part I: Using What Makes You Different

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Hospitality is a highly competitive business, especially nowadays, with so many options out there, all of them being eye-catching and promising. Travelers are given a wide variety of accommodation to choose from and this might sometimes come as a challenge for hoteliers, especially for the ones managing an independent hotel. With this in mind, we have recently released our eBook: Branding Without The Brand Name - An independent Hoteliers Guide To Building Brand Value. The eBook is structured into four in-depth chapters, all of them focused around the most important things that independent hoteliers can and should do in order… read more »

International Travelers

Your Guests Are International – Your Hotel’s Approach Should Be Too

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Whether we’re talking about vacations, business travels or single-night stays, international visitors are a big faction of any hotel’s total number of guests. Especially if your hotel is located in a central area of a bigger city or in a popular holiday region, you probably greet foreign visitors on a daily basis. This is why it’s extremely important to know exactly how to not only attract them, but keep them coming.   Any type of guest deserves an equal amount of attention, respect and the same effort and dedication from the hotel’s management team. It might, however, be easier to… read more »


4 Reasons to Read Our Latest eBook from Start to Finish

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When it comes to hospitality, we can surely say that the show will always go on, no matter what. Hotels will never stop being necessary and with tourism being the huge, multi-billion dollar industry that it is, diversity is always encouraged and awaited by travelers. Having options to chose from, like big chains and independent properties, is most certainly a must, but what makes one different than the other? Sure, branded hotels have their fair share of large-scale efforts that they must constantly focus on, but independent hotels might sometimes feel like a bit of an outsider. Attracting travelers to… read more »


Millienials Are Choosing OTAs – How Can Reviews Influence Their Decisions?

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It has become pretty clear by now that millennial travelers are here to stay. Sure, Gen Z is quickly catching up, but millennials are still leading the race and hospitality is going above and beyond to adapt to this particular generation of consumers. Driving millennials to a hotel and keeping things as personal as possible has become a priority for hotels and, naturally, this includes direct bookings.   What happens though when millennials choose OTAs rather than booking directly on the hotel website? Unfortunately, this is not a rhetorical question, but a reality. Studies show that indirect bookings are on… read more »