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The Guest Feedback A-Z Guide For Hotels: Part III

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The third installment of our Guest Feedback A-Z Guide is here and this week we are focusing on everything from marketing to surveys. You probably know the drill by now: we are breaking down the most relevant concepts of guest feedback and the hospitality industry in summarized definitions and referrals to extra pieces of information. Also, in case you missed the first two parts of the A-Z Guide, take a look here and here.   M Marketing = A concept that you are probably already familiar with, marketing represents all of a business’ actions of promoting and selling its products… read more »


The Guest Feedback A-Z Guide For Hotels: Part II

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Last week we published the first part of our Guest Feedback A-Z Guide for Hotels and, in case you haven’t seen it already, you can check it out here. This week, we continue to break down the most relevant terms and concepts that any person working in hospitality needs to know. From Google to loyalty programs, take a look at our summarized definitions, with extra references and supporting materials that can help you get a better grip on the industry!   G Google = Basically, the world’s largest and most used search engine - also when it comes to travelers… read more »


The Guest Feedback A-Z Guide For Hotels: Part I

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Hospitality is a giant industry, constantly growing, constantly changing and improving and guest feedback plays an important role throughout every step of the guest journey. While swimming in such deep waters, knowing and understanding all of its complex implications can sometimes come as a challenge. Especially since technology has started to impact hospitality and the importance of reviews and continues to do so, more and more every day, new and exciting concepts arise and you have to make sure that you keep up with them.   This is why we created the Guest Feedback A-Z Guide for Hotels, meant to… read more »

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Why Listening To Your Guests Is The Key To Improved Operations Management

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Swinging back and forth between departments and representatives is usually a pretty frustrating experience, especially when you’re on vacation. No one wants to waste time on complications or misunderstanding, no matter how unintentional they are.   Of course, there are always two sides to any story and it’s easy to understand why, as a traveler, you wouldn’t want to deal with any complications during your trip; on the other hand, if you work in hospitality, you know how complex a hotel’s structure is and how hard it is to constantly maintain operations at an optimal, satisfactory level. Although technology has… read more »

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How Live Chat Can Improve The Guest Experience

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If you were around before the internet became a modern god and absolutely vital for any home and business, you can probably still remember what sending out a letter was like. Oh, the time that you spent writing it, how long it took for it to get to the destination, how many days passed before getting a reply… Doesn’t that just sound so… old and far away?   Luckily, the old ways are far behind us. Although some hopeless romantics could argue that letters still have their charm and are certainly personal, it’s no secret that the vast majority of… read more »

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Voice Messaging through AI – The Future Of Communication In Hospitality

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Communication has been used by every civilization in the world. From signs and drawings, to the many different methods that we use everyday, it’s been used to exchange information in a meaningful way. With the rise of technology, communication was even more deeply impacted, which is one of the topics that we approach in our previous post: Technology Trends In Travel: What To Expect In 2018. Newer, easier, and more exciting ways of communicating are being developed every day, and we have now reached a point when we can carry a message to any distance, and through a multitude of… read more »


Attracting Guests For The Holiday Season – DO’s And DONT’s

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‘Tis the season once more! For hoteliers, though, silent nights are usually not an option. The holidays might be the busiest time of the year. Not that that’s a bad thing, on the contrary - it’s your time to shine! You probably already have a marketing strategy in place, specifically for this period, in order to get travelers to book your hotel and also “wow” them in the process. It’s important to acknowledge the huge opportunity that Christmas, Hanukkah and all of the other holidays pose for a hotel’s revenue, since not everyone is driving home for Christmas nowadays. Some… read more »

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Technology Trends In Travel: What To Expect In 2018

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Every day, new and innovative technology is being developed, in order to make hospitality an even more exciting, adventurous and tempting industry. In the 21st century, hoteliers have technology at their fingertips and this gives them a world of possibilities - it’s all about digitalization. Now, it’s all about finding new ways of optimizing the guest journey and making hotels and destinations much more appealing to travelers than they were in the past. Since we are peaking into a brand new year, let’s get some insights into the technology trends that will impact 2018 the most. After all, the key… read more »


Influencer Marketing – Can Your Hotel Benefit From It?

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We are quickly approaching 2018 and it has already been awhile since the conventional advertising strategies have become almost obsolete. A thing of the past. A simple banner or a TV commercial is no longer enough to attract and retain customers and most brands are aware of this. With the rise of social media and channels such as Youtube, publicity and advertising reached new heights and they have often been given actual faces: the ones of influencers. There’s no good reason why the hospitality industry could not profit out of this new marketing strategy. Putting a well-known face to your… read more »


TrustYou’s Top 5: The Best Designed Hotels Around The World

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Let’s be honest: no one books a hotel blindfolded and basic rooms with outdated furniture just don’t cut it anymore. Saying that hospitality is competitive is an understatement and travelers have a huge amount of options to chose from when it comes to hotels and overall accommodations. A lot of the times, the booking decision is based on visuals. Think about it: when was the last time you booked a stay at a place without checking the pictures first? It’s no wonder that, in what seems to quickly become a saturated market, many hotels are now striving to set themselves… read more »