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[Infographic] Online Booking Trends: Understanding Traveler Behavior

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When it comes to booking a hotel, predicting traveler behavior is difficult. While research studies exist, the facts often remain a mystery to those who don’t have much time to sift through it. With this limited time in mind, we’ve packed the latest traveler behavior research from our new white paper into one convenient infographic. It contains interesting stats such as: 86% of online travelers choose hotels over other accommodation types, 81% of travelers prefer using Google during their travel/accommodation search process, and 88% will sort out hotels from their searches with poor review scores.     All of this… leggi ancora »


Un’analisi delle conversazioni tra cliente e hotel

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Il rapporto tra il personale ed i clienti si stringe attraverso servizi di messaggistica e le conversazioni si muovono sempre più verso il mobile ed il digitale. Salvare queste conversazioni dà accesso a maggiori informazioni sull'itinerario del viaggiatore analizzando le opinioni per rivelare abitudini e comportamenti nell'ambito della comunicazione. Come utilizzare i messaggi in tempo reale per monitorare il feedback degli ospiti Abbiamo analizzato 10.000 messaggi col nostro algoritmo di analisi semantica per illustrare il potenziale di informazioni che si possono raccogliere. Questa infografica presenta un'istantanea delle conversazioni esistenti tra i nostri clienti che usano TrustYou Messaging ed i loro… leggi ancora »


Why Do Hotels Want Me To Submit Feedback?

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I am one of those people who always needs to know why I should do something before I am motivated to do it. Question everything: that’s what I have always been taught. So when I am traveling and I receive one of those emails from my hotel asking for my feedback, it makes me wonder: who is going to read this, and what are they trying to get out of it? My first optimistic thought is: “Oh, the staff wants me to write a glowing recommendation about how amazing everything in the hotel is, so that they can impress their… leggi ancora »

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Is August really over? We’re enjoying the last few days of sun here. There’ve been some pretty cool developments like Think with Google’s Travel Dashboard. Before you take off for the weekend, make sure you haven’t missed any industry news in our Travel, Tech, and Social Media Weekly Roundup. Happy reading! Think with Google: Travel Dashboard THINK WITH GOOGLE launches the Travel Dashboard with detailed information about the search habits of online travelers. This info is said to update quarterly, and answers (by city) fundamental questions such as “where are people traveling”, and “from where are people coming”! ixigo Extends… leggi ancora »