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The Facts About Hotel Review Scores and Rankings on Google

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There is much chatter these days about TrustYou data on Google and what really drives improvements in the TrustScore, review summaries and local search rankings for hotels on Google. In an effort to increase transparency, let’s take a look at the facts: 1. TrustYou provides hotel review scores (TrustScores) and review summaries for more than 300,000 hotels on Google. This is visible on Google when clicking the question mark next to the hotel’s review summary. These review scores and summaries are calculated based on an analysis of quantity, quality and recency of reviews across the web as well as from… Lire plus »


Un guide pour les hôtels afin de tout savoir sur Google (livre numérique)

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Comment utiliser Google afin de capter le plus de réservations possible   Les hôtels n’ont peut-être pas senti de secousses lorsque Google s’est lancé dans la réservation instantanée l’année dernière; en effet, nombre d’entre eux étaient bien trop préoccupés par la consolidation massive des OTAs (agences de voyages en ligne) et la réservation instantanée de Google est donc apparue comme un simple écho sur le sismographe de l’industrie. Cependant, lorsque l’on regarde de plus près le bilan des réservations en ligne, on note que Google Travel cherche à capter les voyageurs à chaque étape du processus de réservation. La possibilité… Lire plus »


Google Explains Local Search Results: What Hotels Need to Know to Improve Their Rankings

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A majority of travelers begin their travel planning on Google. Where a hotel shows up in local rankings influences its clickthrough rates and likelihood of getting booked. Last week, Google shared a blog, providing us with insights into how it calculates local search rankings, noting that local results are based primarily on a business’s relevance, distance, and prominence. Here’s what that means for hotels. Relevance A hotel’s relevance is simply how closely its listing matches what a traveler is looking for. It is determined by the hotel’s business description and reviews. TrustYou powers Google’s hotel scores and provides hotels with… Lire plus »


Comment les hôtels peuvent-ils rester compétitifs en 2016

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Les réservations via mobiles sont à l’ordre du jour cette année. En effet, elles rendent ainsi le processus de recherche et d’achat aussi simple et attractif visuellement que possible. Lorsque l’on regarde la valeur ajoutée des écrans mobiles, les voyageurs ont besoin que leur recherche d’hôtel soit pertinente et les aide à se décider rapidement, ne prenant aussi peu de clics que possible et soit aussi attractive visuellement que possible. Le rôle des hôtels cette année est donc de s’assurer que sur toutes les plateformes - et plus particulièrement les moteurs de recherches où la majorité des voyageurs commencent leurs… Lire plus »

Big Data Is Worthless. How to Transform Reviews From Big Data into Something Useful.

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Big data—in its current form, at least—is dead to me. I know this is a strong statement in a world seemingly powered by the concept, but companies simply are not using big data properly, rendering it useless for driving change and increasing revenue. Case in point, back in my corporate days, researchers would present numbers without any context or action. A statement that conversions are up 6% or ratings have decreased 8% means nothing without the story—the before, the goals, the changes along the way that are influential. It’s high time we replaced big data with smart data. Smart data… Lire plus »

2016, We’re On To You

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What Hotels Need to Know to Prepare for the Year Ahead in Digital Marketing   The past year was a wild and successful ride for the hotel industry. A banner year in terms of occupancy, 2015 was also a year of big consolidation and continued increases in guest acquisition costs. When it comes to reviews, it was the year that “wondering if you were doing enough to manage online reviews” became “trying to determine how to do it better than anyone else” in order to gain a competitive edge. And competition is the name of the game in 2016.  … Lire plus »

What’s the True Impact of Bad (Or Great) Services? Now You Know With TrustYou Impact Scores

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Travel reviews are essential to a hotel’s prosperity. Reviews can have a cascading effect: positive reviews bring travelers and their positive reviews bring more travelers. Negative reviews, obviously, discourage travelers, and when problems aren’t fixed, those travelers who were undeterred by negative comments, write more negative reviews. But how do hotels know which repairs to make? What will really effect change when it comes to guest service and improving reviews?   Identifying what is and is not working can be a complicated task. Not every complaint deserves the same level of attention when it comes to repairs, and identifying which… Lire plus »


Interactive Advent Calendar Provides Hotels with Top Travel Trends & Best Practices

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In Munich, the home of our European Headquarters, Christmas markets have opened, and the holiday season is in full swing. To share the spirit, we've created an interactive digital 'advent calendar' that is packed with all new best practice guides and industry trends. The calendar, consists of twenty-four doors, each filled with content for hoteliers and travel professionals. Beginning today, one door will be unlocked daily, revealing new tips/best practices for travel and hospitality professionals, including new research and statistics, guides to various review and social media platforms, examples of hotels succeeding on social media, upcoming trends in the industry,… Lire plus »


Where the Family Travelers Are

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The rise of travel terms such as bleisure (business and leisure) and framily (friends and family) points to growth in the family travel segment. Sometimes attaching days to the end of a business trip so that a spouse and children can come along, sometimes multiple generations of a family traveling to a destination, sometimes families with children escaping together. If you’re not already, it’s time to shape up your family-friendly amenities, consider your messaging, and get in front of the family segment. But where are they?   New research from the Family Travel Association and New York University shows that… Lire plus »

How to Get Guests to Find, Book, and Trust Your Hotel? New TrustYou Website Holds the Answers

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Travel reviews—and the way they are monitored, measured, and presented—have changed. With the launch of a new website, TrustYou tells the story of the modern travel review and the ways in which reviews can be leveraged to increase presence (Find), increase direct reservations (Book), and grow traveler confidence (Trust).   TrustYou leads the industry in creating better travel review platforms to improve the guest experience, as well as bringing hotels the tools they need in order to generate more direct bookings as a results of travel reviews.   With hints of a book layout, the new site aims to be… Lire plus »