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How to Achieve Organizational Change through Customer Feedback

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Organizational change CAN be achieved through customer feedback, that is why hotels must look into ways to collect information from your guests. Everyone who stays in your hotel should be presented with ways that enable him or her to give feedback, because the feedback you received helps to improve the customer experience. This article will take you through the entire process of asking for feedback. It will teach you many useful things that will prove to be efficient now and in the future. #1: Encourage Customer Feedback A guest experience survey is something you give to each one of your customers. It… Lire plus »

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Weekly Roundup #24: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 24/2017 Happy Friday, everyone! You know why you’re here: our Weekly Roundup is the perfect way of ending the week and here you can get your fresh dose of news and stories from the hospitality industry. As usual, we have selected the best and most interesting ones, so make sure to take a look and enjoy the read! Until next week, we wish you a great, sunny weekend! Industry News Our company was acquired by Recruit, the Leading Japanese Internet and Media Group: Let’s start with that piece of news that was the most relevant and exciting for us… Lire plus »

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Weekly Roundup #23: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 23/2017 Hello once again and happy Friday! Welcome to a brand new Weekly Roundup! As usual, we gathered the most interesting news and stories that were published this week, so feel free to take a look, scan the headlines and go through the extended articles. We hope you enjoy the read and we’ll see you again next week, same place, same time. Until then, if you want to get daily updates and insights, you can follow our social media accounts: we are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Have a lovely weekend! Industry News Sofitel Dubai Wafi to… Lire plus »


Top Hotel Restaurants to Check out During HITEC 2017

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If you’re attending HITEC 2017 in Toronto, there’s a good chance you’ll want to know the good spots nearby to grab a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks. That's why we scoured our database of online reviews to bring you the five highest rated hotel restaurants near the convention center that offer a unique and delicious meal. Whether you want to impress a potential business partner or have a great place to eat with your team, these places all come highly recommended.   1. Making Waves Boatel This charming floating hotel is located in the center of downtown Toronto and offers an… Lire plus »

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Weekly Roundup #22: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 22/2017 Hello, fellow readers and happy Friday! Once again, we welcome you to our Weekly Roundup! You know why you’re here: you can take a look at the most important and interesting news that have surfaced the media this week and go through a quick recap before you wander off into the weekend! So enjoy the read and we’ll see you next Friday! Industry News hopes to soon list private rooms across Japan: It seems that is hoping to book a spot in listing private lodging available for travelers across Japan. Gillian Tans, chief executive officer of… Lire plus »


How to make your hotel’s social media a source for travel inspiration (II) – Instagram & Pinterest

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In our previous post, we began to dive into social media and how you, as a hotelier, can transform it into a source for travel inspiration. More specifically, we talked about how you can optimize your hotel’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, in order to make sure that they appeal to travelers and are going to be a reason for them to choose and book your hotel. Now it’s time to explore two more social media channels with very high levels of popularity: Instagram and Pinterest. Slightly different from Facebook and Twitter, these platform are all about visuals. Looking back in… Lire plus »

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Weekly Roundup #21: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 21/2017 Greetings, everyone and welcome back on our blog, for another Weekly Roundup! As usual, we gathered every single piece of information that is of interest to us and the travel industry, so make sure to take a look at the headlines! And if you want daily updates and news, don’t forget to follow our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Until next Friday, have a lovely weekend! Industry News Best Western buys Sweden Hotels in latest consolidation move: Our clients from Best Western have recently completed the acquisition of Sweden Hotels, a collection of 59… Lire plus »

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How to make your hotel’s social media a source for travel inspiration (I) – Facebook & Twitter

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When it’s a well known fact that social media validates a brand and increases its awareness, are you sure that you are making the most out of your hotel’s social media presence? Social media allows hoteliers to bring their business forward, to advertise its strongest suits, and to communicate with travelers and/or guests, in the easiest possible way. This can result in increased bookings and ultimately, more revenue. So we’ll be talking about the most important things that you have to keep in mind when launching your hotel’s profile on Facebook and Twitter. Also, keep an eye out for our… Lire plus »

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Weekly Roundup #20: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 20/2017 Happy Friday, everyone and welcome to our Weekly Roundup! You know the drill by now: every end of the week, we put together the most interesting and relevant news and stories regarding hospitality. So feel free to take a look at the headlines below and pay us another visit next Friday, for another roundup. Until then, keep checking our website, for interesting blog posts, press releases, best practice guides and extended whitepapers. And don’t forget about our social media accounts, we are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! We wish you a lovely, relaxing weekend! Industry News… Lire plus »


APIs and how to use them to increase bookings

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Property management, customer relationship management, revenue management, reputation management, bookings These different kinds of software solutions all help hotels to guarantee a flawless booking experience, a pleasant on-site stay, and a positive online rating. Hundreds of established companies, as well as new start-ups, facilitate the hotel-guest-relations and want to become a part of a hotel’s tech stack. The ones that are most effective understand the technological requirements in a hotel ecosystem, and are using APIs to seamlessly connect their offerings to the day-to-day operations of their hotel partners. So how can hotels utilize these API connections to work more… Lire plus »


These Categories Are Most Positively and Negatively Impacting Hotel Ratings

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Friendliness of staff most positively impacts hotel ratings, while bathrooms are dragging hotel ratings down most often.   Guest reviews have gone beyond simple 1-to-5 star hotel ratings. With the introduction of guest satisfaction surveys and review sites like TripAdvisor, hotel guests started leaving detailed reviews to help future travelers make decisions. Now, recent research confirms that over 95% of travelers are reading those reviews before booking a hotel. However, travelers are not the only ones who can benefit from this level of detail.   With TrustYou’s advanced text analysis, we can pinpoint positive and negative sentiments for 100+ categories… Lire plus »

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Weekly Roundup #13: Travel, Tech, and Social Media

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Week 13/2017 Greetings, fellow readers! Another Friday means another Weekly Roundup, so welcome back to our blog! As usual, you can find here this week’s most important and interesting news from the hospitality industry and also, stories and post about trends and technology. Take a look at our recap and enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to stay tuned for the next Weekly Roundup! Industry News AccorHotels to purchase Potel & Chatbot: It was announced this week that AccorHotels, the management of Potel & Chatbot and Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners have entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire… Lire plus »


[Infographic] Online Booking Trends: Understanding Traveler Behavior

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When it comes to booking a hotel, predicting traveler behavior is difficult. While research studies exist, the facts often remain a mystery to those who don’t have much time to sift through it. With this limited time in mind, we’ve packed the latest traveler behavior research from our new white paper into one convenient infographic. It contains interesting stats such as: 86% of online travelers choose hotels over other accommodation types, 81% of travelers prefer using Google during their travel/accommodation search process, and 88% will sort out hotels from their searches with poor review scores.     All of this… Lire plus »


5 Do’s and Don’ts of Direct Messaging Your Guests

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Last week, we shared the top five reasons not to be afraid of direct messaging your guests in part one of this blog series. Now that you’re not afraid (hopefully), it’s time to actually do it: ask someone out (I mean, direct message your guests – you’ll have to read part one to understand the dating references in this piece). Before we get into our do’s and don’ts, keep this in mind: A lot of articles that focus on direct messaging talk about the basic stuff: be nice and pleasant, don’t try to up-sell in your first message, don’t be… Lire plus »

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5 Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Direct Messaging Your Guests

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Welcome to part 1 of our Direct Messaging blog series!   The Valentine’s Day pressure is real. Ask anyone in a relationship and they’ll tell you that the holiday of love can induce anxiety, sleepless nights and an urgent need to run to the drug store and get some Pepto Bismol. Then you factor in being single and this holiday ends up being the worst thing that Hallmark ever created. But that’s not why you’re still reading this. You’re still reading because direct messaging your potential guests is pretty similar to dating. And just like you shouldn’t be afraid of… Lire plus »


5 Things Every Hotel Website Should Feature for a Better UX

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Designing a hotel website is like preparing for a first date – you don’t get a second chance to make an impression. While us ladies may take hours to get ready for a date (the hair, the nails, the outfit, and everything else), many guys just literally roll out of bed. Or they claim they don’t, but that’s what it looks like, from their disheveled shirt to their scruffy beard and mismatched socks. You may try to give the guy a fair shot, but he’s already bet the odds against him when he shows up looking like that. I don’t want… Lire plus »